Mortido: Experience the Human Soul's Journey After Death
Mortido: Experience the Human Soul's Journey After Death
From CornerStudio comes a visually stunning open world of profound emotions and existential questions; an Alpha version is currently available for download
Posted: 10/24/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: CornerStudio | Platform: Windows

Alpha v0.8.4 download (Windows 32-bit and 64-bit)

The journey beyond life begins here...

In Mortido, you'll explore a visually stunning open-world environment where you'll become immersed in the stories of seven people who have lived out their mortal lives, making difficult decisions that haven't always been "correct." It's a world of profound emotions and existential questions. The deeper you delve, the more emotionally invested you will become. You'll experience the human soul's journey after death.

As protagoist Cleo, you will exist in both the world of the living (the earthly realm) and the world of the spirits (the hereafter). The game will encompass seven story arcs that are closely interwoven with your own. Each character you encounter will be unique.

CornerStudio is developing Mortido with Unreal Engine 4. There will be a native combat system in which resourcefulness will be your best weapon.

It will be up to you to guide the narrative. Your choices can have far-reaching consequences -- to the point of undoing progress you've made -- so you must choose wisely.

CornerStudio will be taking Mortido to Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight on Halloween Eve. The game is to be released for Windows in Fall 2017.


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