Get Ready to Invade Some Privacy in Orwell
Get Ready to Invade Some Privacy in Orwell
This narrative-driven thriller from Osmotic Studios and Surprise Attack Games is releasing as a five-part weekly series; download Episode One for free
Posted: 10/21/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Surprise Attack Games | Publisher: Osmotic Studios | Platform: Windows

Download Episode One (Windows) from Steam or IndieDB

Orwell is a privacy-invasion thriller for Windows in which you are Big Brother.

Orwell is also the name of a new governmental security program that has the power to survey the online presence of citizens through web pages, blog posts, chat messages, files and private information.

To function, the Orwell program needs an impartial human researcher. You are the first. It will be your task to gather information about suspects while they go about their lives, and upload the data you feel is pertinent. The decisions you make will have consequences and will affect the narrative's outcome.

In the style of games such as Papers, Please and Her Story, Orwell raises serious questions about contemporary society. Its themes include the balance between security and freedom, the implications of trading privacy for connection, and the impact of the Internet on the way we perceive our world and are perceived by others.

In Episode One, a terrorist attack rocks the Nation’s capital and you are put to the test. This episode is free for a limited time on Steam and IndieDB. The remaining episodes will be released weekly on Oct 27th, Nov 3rd, Nov 10th and Nov 17th. Pre-order them on Steam as a group (15% off until Oct 27th) and receive them as they drop.

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