Kim to launch October 24th on Steam and GOG
Kim to launch October 24th on Steam and GOG
Step into the pages of Rudyard Kipling's classic novel in this open-world RPG from The Secret Games Company
Posted: 10/20/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: The Secret Games Company | Platform: Windows

Rudyard Kipling's Kim is Brought to Life in a Procedural Open-World RPG - January 8, 2016

Courtesy of The Secret Games Company, you'll visit colonial India and become Rudyard Kipling's ragamuffin hero Kim.

Explore a vast open world of 17 hand-painted towns and 450 procedural levels from Afghanistan to the Himalayas. Learn to survive as a penniless urchin; complete objectives; collect items and garner favour with spies of the secret service.

You'll venture through branching narratives and engage in stealth, combat and survival gameplay. You can choose to be violent, honest, a pacifist or a thief. Tell your own version of this classic adventure. The game is designed to be replayed so you can try them all.

Kim is set for an October 24th release on Steam and for Windows.

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