Dead Age To Arrive Alive and Well on Steam November 4th
Dead Age To Arrive Alive and Well on Steam November 4th
Survive a zombie apocalypse in this rogue-like RPG from Headup Games and Silent Dreams
Posted: 10/20/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Silent Dreams | Publisher: Headup Games | Platform: Windows

Are you up for rebuilding a zombie-ravaged world?

In Dead Age, you'll become a survivor in the middle of a devastating zombie apocalypse. In order to remain alive, you must join a small group of other survivors who must continuously fight for their lives.

Take charge of protecting the camp and accept a variety of objectives such as crafting weapons, molotov cocktails and traps; locating and acquiring scarce resources; and tending to injured survivors.

The zombie threat will increase steadily. Gangs of hostile survivors will keep you on the defensive.

Dead Age features a non-linear story with real in-game consequences. Your decisions in conflict situations will affect the story's future.

Choose to be a hero and save survivors, or let them die to stock up on supplies. Build romantic relationships or start rivalries that may have disastrous chain reactions. Confront new dangers on a daily basis. If you live long enough (yes, there is perma-death), you'll have a chance to unlock one of the game's six possible endings.

Currently in Early Access, Dead Age will see a full release for Windows on Steam November 4th.

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