Ginger: Beyond the Crystal to Launch October 25th
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal to Launch October 25th
A 3D platformer/simulation adventure from Drakhar Studio and Badland Games
Posted: 10/18/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Drakhar Studio | Publisher: Badland Games | Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox one, Windows

In Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, you'll travel through a cartoon-like world on the brink after a horrifying crystal explosion. You are Ginger. It will be up to you to keep the world in balance and help your friends survive certain extinction.

There will be a lot to do.

You'll explore ghostly craters, coral planets, sleeping caves and terrifying crypts. Solve enjoyable puzzles and tackle enemies. Navigate whimsical landscapes and environmental platforms, collect crystal fragments and free imprisoned villagers.

Face toothy clams, whirling dervish-like critters, giant stone golems, meteorites that fall from fiery mountains and other menaces. And between platforming sessions, help rebuild homes and towns.

Three worlds will be yours to repopulate through 15 platform levels. There are also 15 hidden bonus levels to discover.

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal will be available digitally on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam/Windows on Oct 25th. Ginger will also be available as a boxed retail version on October 28th in select markets for PS4 only. The boxed edition includes a coloring book, poster and stickers.

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