Asylopole Hits Greenlight
Asylopole Hits Greenlight
From Mickaël Pixoala, a satirical old-school adventure set in a dystopian future
Posted: 10/18/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Mickaël Pixoala | Platform: Windows

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In Asylopole, inspired by such games as Monkey Island, Blade Runner and Sanitarium, you play Adam, a psychiatrist. You work in an asylum, where your task is to get inside your patients' heads. In the process, however, you are directly confronted by their worst nightmares.

Asylopole is a non-linear classic-style adventure with alternative gameplay elements that takes place in a vast universe. It features 2D hand-drawn graphics, rotoscoping and stop-motion, and has a "'90s feeling."

The game will offer adjustable difficulty, controller support and varied gameplay. Side-quests are included -- and let's not forget the tasty burgers.

French developer Mickaël Pixoala has launched a Greenlight campaign for Asylopole, which will be released on Windows at a date TBD.

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