Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight Put Out the Welcome Mat for Arrival in Hell
Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight Put Out the Welcome Mat for Arrival in Hell
If you've never visited the underworld, here's your chance in this point-and-click remake of the 2006 Flash game of the same name
Posted: 09/07/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Epic Industries | Publisher: Play Mex Studos | Platform: Windows, Mac

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Arrival in Hell was born in 2006 as a Flash game by Eduardo Mojica and Richard Rout. It's well-known for its excessive gore, cheesy dialog and classic escape-the-room point-and-click gameplay.

The game is in the process of being remade by Epic Industries and Play Mex Studios. It will feature graphics re-built from scratch in real-time 3D; unique and challenging puzzles; fully-voiced dialog and many items to collect. Your decisions will impact the game's story and outcome.

You play a nameless character who just happens to be in prison. After you begin hearing horrific screams around you, you decide it's time for a breakout. Little do you now that you'll be stalked by a monster. To survive, you'll have to use intelligence, resourcefulness and an appropriate amount of violence.

Arrival in Hell will be released early in 2017 for Windows and Mac. Meanwhile, you are cordially invited to back the game on Kickstarter  (campaign runs until October 6th) and upvote it on Greenlight .

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