The Land of Eyas Will Launch July 21st for PC, Mac, and Linux
The Land of Eyas Will Launch July 21st for PC, Mac, and Linux
From developer Happy Square Productions/publisher Rising Star Games comes a gravity-switching 2D platformer involving a young boy dressed as a cat
Posted: 07/15/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Happy Star Productions | Publisher: Rising Star Games | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Do you have what it takes to use two opposing forces of gravity to explore an enchanted world? Welcome to The Land of Eyas.

You are Eyas, who is dressed in an oddly-styled cat outfit. You're caught up in a world that's split between opposing forces of gravity. You have no memory of how you got here.

You must find your way home by navigating through this strangely beautiful world. You will accomplish this by taking advantage of both gravity shifts and objects with which you can interact. And by avoiding dangerous enemies and obstacles, of course.

You must also find an entity called "Mother." Tree whisps will assist you in achieving this goal.

Martin Defries, Managing Director, publisher Rising Star Games: Innovative, unique game experiences like The Land of Eyas are a great example why indie games are so special. When players experience The Land of Eyas they’ll find a unique platforming treasure that will challenge in new, exciting ways while captivating gamers with its delightful art style and story.

Kickstarter-funded and Greenlit, The Land of Eyas will launch July 21st on Steam and other digital retailers for PC, Mac and Linux.

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