Ghost Theory Haunts Kickstarter and Greenlight
Ghost Theory Haunts Kickstarter and Greenlight
The developer of Dex now asks for your support in order to scare the hell out of you
Posted: 01/31/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Dreadlocks Ltd | Platform: Windows, Mac

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Dreadlocks Ltd (Dex) is putting together a first-person ghost-hunting adventure in which you play a paranormal investigator. The game will offer native VR support and be set in real-life haunted locations. Dreadlocks has secured the rights to use several such locations along with their associated histories in the game, which will enable the creation of paranormal phenomena much richer than in any other game. 

You will be equipped with all sorts of ghost-hunting tools, among them a UV lamp to reveal hidden traces of ectoplasm, a pendulum to locate buried objects, holy water to cleanse possessed objects and camera to record ghostly apparitions. Each location will be non-linear, open-ended and offer strong narrative themes.

While the ghosts won't try to kill you physically they will stalk and harass you, becoming more aggressive as you get closer to your objective. But take care: they can literally scare you to death. Your  character will even have the option of closing her eyes indefinitely if things get too intense.

Ghost Theory will feature actors filmed in stereoscopic 3D and seamlessly integrated into the game’s environments, offering unparalleled realism and horrifyingly shocking moments. The game is being developed for VR, but will also be playable without a headset.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for the game with a base goal of £100,000 that will run until February 20, 2016. A Greenlight campaign is also in progress. 

Ghost Theory will be released on Windows and Mac in 2017. Meanwhile, your backing and upvote would be most appreciated!

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