The Grandfather, a Point-and-Click Adventure Full of Torment and Sorrow
The Grandfather, a Point-and-Click Adventure Full of Torment and Sorrow
This game will be presented as a comic book with pop-up elements, but it won't be funny; in fact, it looks downright bizarre. A playable demo is available.
Posted: 09/09/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: MPR ART | Platform: Windows, Mac, Playstation 4

Download the playable demo for PC and Mac

The Grandfather, from indie developer MPR ART, is the tale of an old man tormented by his wife's coldness in a game that combines exploration and point-and-click elements. As AGs go, it looks both strange and fascinating.

The game will have a comic-book appearance with pop-up book elements (but the story will be far from funny). Shaders will make it look as though the game is made out of old school lunch box tin/metal material.

One night, when the Grandfather tries to kiss his wife goodnight, she won't reciprocate. The next morning the old man wakes up and is missing all of his body parts except his head. I'm sure we'll be told more about this bizarre scenario as things progress.

The Grandfather will be narrated by a voice actress. All music and sound effects in the game are being created on autoharp. Remember those? The soundtrack will be procedural; players will actually create it as they interact with the game.

MPR ART explains: On this Autoharp there are 37 functional strings, each string will be recorded individually, then duplicated and transposed to -5, giving us a total of 74 notes. The notes will all be cataloged into left and right speaker folders for use in game, so any time the user interacts with something there will be a random note pulled from the folder, making the note and chord combination possibilities endless, and very dissonant at the same time.

The Grandfather will be released in Spring 2016 for PC/Windows and Mac, with PS4 to follow shortly thereafter. MPR ART plans to launch an IndieGoGo campaign for the game October 3rd. Stay tuned.

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