Apartment: A Separated Place is Seeking a Relationship on Kickstarter
Apartment: A Separated Place is Seeking a Relationship on Kickstarter
As someone who sometimes thinks about past failed relationships, Apartment touched me on more than one occasion. Though the demo is short, it provides a very human experience. Watch the demo Let's Play.
Posted: 05/15/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: The Elsewhere Company | Publisher: The Elsewhere Company | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

We've all been there. You know. That anguishing time after a failed relationship.

In Apartment: A Separated Place, Nick Connor was just dumped by Madison, his girlfriend of four years. You enter his life in the wake of their breakup and explore his memories of their relationship. You'll also step into the memories of four of the tenants in Nick's apartment complex. Playing the demo had me thinking back to some of my own failed relationships, as well as how little I knew about lives of the neighbors around me. Apartment: A Separated Place talks to the human condition in a way that I have seldom, if ever, seen in a game, and does it beautifully. 

Indie developer The Elsewhere Company is seeking to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter through May 27th. The expected release date is Spring 2016 for PC, Mac, and Linux. 

The free Demo is definitely worth checking out, or watch my Let's Play video below - 

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