Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition - Walkthrough
Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition - Walkthrough
Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition - Walkthrough
Posted: 04/27/15 | Category: Features | Developer: Phoenix Online Studios,Pinkerton Road Studio | Publisher: Pinkerton Road Studio | Platform:
WALKTHROUGH  (+ full 362 P0ints)
$1·       Len Green { }        7th February 2015
          {A}   This walkthrough describes ONLY ALL the actions which you MUST take in order to complete the game with full points, together with just a very few which are helpful although not absolutely essential.
            However, please don’t use this walkthrough unless you absolutely have to.  Nearly all aspects which are not absolutely imperative have been omitted. Very many of these are extremely interesting and provide most of the background story to the game, and particularly to the fascinating (and artistic) characters, scenery and real-life customs of New Orleans (USA).
          {B}   Warning:-  The main purpose of this game is to examine items, interview people, view the interesting sights and backgrounds, and apart from solving the mysteries, generally ‘act the tourist in America, Germany and Africa!’, etc.
If you simply take this walkthrough in your hand (or consult all the built in hints) and follow exactly what to do and not to do, you can probably finish the game quite quickly. However that would completely defeat its whole purpose!{
{C}   The walkthrough does not do justice to the excellent “Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Father Remake”!  A very great part of the interest and attraction of the game is wandering around the various (almost) authentic locations, and particularly the conversations and wisecracks between Gabriel and Grace and other characters throughout the game - there are actually so many that I’m pretty certain that I missed some!! 
          {D}   The game does not contain many ‘stand-alone’ puzzles, and those included are generally not too difficult.
                    {E}   Upon entering EVERY new location, it is highly advisable to browse around as much as possible in order to explore the general layout and in so doing examine fully EVERY one of the many hotspots.  However, the walkthrough NEVER  tells you explicitly to do this! To (GREATLY) help in this procedure, pressing the space-bar reveals ALL of the hotspots on your game screen overlaying your screen location view!  The hotspots themselves are exhibited with labeled names (which sometimes overlap each other and hence are difficult to access - but NEVER impossible!).
          {F}   You should most certainly NOT HAVE TO  follow the same order of accessing locations or hotspots etc. as outlined in this walkthrough since the game is not linear. There are many permutations of routes, and it is near impossible that two players will follow exactly the same itinerary etc. from beginning to end. In addition it is most likely that this walkthrough does not necessarily describe the best or even the most efficient route to play the game (and finish it completely)!
          Some locations of course will not appear on the map until you have completed certain previous tasks.  The same applies to certain gameplay actions. And so a particular order is sometimes obligatory. Other than that, you are free to visit (&/or revisit) all locations on the map and try various actions etc. as and when it seems to you to be logical!
          {G}  The game is third person and mouse driven point & click. There are full (and excellent) subtitles.
          { H}   As in most games, it is easy to make a 'wrong' or redundant move! So it is HIGHLY advisable to save FREQUENTLY. There are an unlimited number of save-slots.
          {I}  EVERY TIME you obtain a new item, it will appear in your inventory. You should observe and if necessary examine each new inventory item immediately it appears in your game-inventory..
N.B.  It is imperative to view, and sometimes to 'manipulate', some of the inventory. In addition, some inventory items will combine with others there to create new objects.
            {J }  There are a number of puzzles in the game. Instead of an immediate outright spoiler, I have inserted it in a smaller print and in colour so that it is not TOO easy to read and inadvertently spoil the solution I have also graduated the hints so that in most cases it is unnecessary to get to the actual spoiler !
I have done this deliberately since many players do not want to see spoilers unless and until absolutely vital.
{K  There is a point-count system built-in to this GabrielKnight-1 Remake.
          After you have completed each essential individual step of the game your score will be automatically updated by the number of points awarded for that step (generally 1 or 2 points! but sometimes more!). Thewalkthrough displays the number of points awarded for completing that particular individual step at the end of the walkthrough instruction for that step -  as an example... [+ 2 points]
This walkthrough also displays the maximum number of points you can receive for each location that you visit. This maximum number is listed at the end of each location-heading in the walkthrough - as an example... { Max. points = 16 }
          In addition, the walkthrough also lists the cumulative score to date throughout the game - as an example...  { Total points to date = 27  }
If you complete every 'essential' item to the end of the game you can achieve a MAXIMUM of 362 points! Your cumulative point total is displayed constantly t the top left-hand corner of your screen.
{L }  In the text, all objects which are acquired and entered into the inventory are written in bold, underlined, and yellow.
All objects which are used from the inventory are written in... bold italicized, underlined, and blue.
The  actual  WALKTHROUGH  starts  here!
Day 1.
St. George's Book Store1st visit.{ Max. points = 12  }
***** Talk to Grace and exhaust ALL dialogs. Ask her for all messages and visits and other information.  [+ 4 point]s]
*****  Look at the desk where Grace is sitting. Open  the Cash Register which is on the desk and take the $20 Gift Certificatefrom inside.  [+ 1 point]]
*****  View  the large rectangular white topped counter (bottom, mid-screen).   There is a drawer in the front of the counter.
*****  Open the drawer and  examine its contents.
. *****  Pick up the tweezersfrom the drawer in the counter.  [+ 1 point]]
*****  Pick up themagnifying glass from the same drawer.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Examine the various items ON the counter. 
*****  Read the headlines of the newspaper which is on the counter - about the terrifying Voodoo murders!   [+ 1 point]
*****  Also on the counter is a box that Gabriel's grandma sent him. On that box is a sketchbook which belonged to Gabriel's father.
*****  Appropriate the sketchbook. [+ 1 point]
 ***** In inventory, open the sketchbook and ponder the weird surrealistic charcoal sketches inside[+ 1 point]
*****  Go to the bookshelf to the left of the ladder and scan the books there.
*****  Read the enigmatic German poem by Gabriel's grandfather Heinz Ritter.
*****  Study the book on snakes!
*****  Use the German/English dictionaries to translate some of the German words in Heinz Ritter's poem.
Read TWO of the books that are there. [+ 2 points]
*****  Exit to Gabriel's bedroom.
{ Total points to date = 12  }
Gabriel's Bedroom1st visit. {Max. points = 4  }

*****  Pickup the Black Shirt from the Closet. [+ 1 point]
*****  Pickup Hair Gel from the Bathroom Cabinet. [+ 2 points]
*****  Pickup theFlashlight from the Dresser. [+ 1 point]
 *****  Exit back to the store and from there leave the store onto the map of the French Quarter.
*****      Travel to the Police Station.
{ Total points to date = 16  }
Police Station 1st visit.{ Max. points = 4  }
*****  Look around the outside of the Police Station.
*****  Enter the  Police Station.
*****  At the front counter talk to Frick, the taciturn desk Sergeant.
***** Gabriel has come to see his friend, Detective Mosely and to pick up some photos from him!
*****  But Frick unwittingly tells Gabriel that Mosely is not there - he is out at a crime scene.  [+ 2 points]
*****  Frick brusquely refuses to tell Gabriel where the crime scene IS, or whether it is connected with the Voodoo Murders.
*****  Nevertheless, Frick hands Gabriel the envelope from Mosely.
*****  In inventory, open the envelope and view the 2 Photographs inside it.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Exit the Police Station onto the map of the French Quarter
*****  Travel to Jackson Square (a Park).
{ Total points to date = 20  }
Jackson Square 1st visit.{ Max. points = 7  }
*****  Stroll around Jackson Square.
*****  There are quite a number of items of interest e.g.:- to the left is a duo playing "When the Saints come marching in"; On the right a small jazz band; in the very centre of the park is a large bronze statue ofAndrew Jackson surrounded and protected by a circular wrought iron fence; a man is sitting next to the railings drumming out an interesting rhythm on a large African drum; There are some visitors walking around the square and enjoying the sunshine; etc.
*****  Near the bottom of your screen there is a police officer (a cop) standing by his motor bike.  His radio is in constant contact with colleagues (as you can hear).
*****  Near the top of your screen is a mime.  Whenever anybody approaches the mime he follows them as they continue walking - and annoys them!  He also approaches the musicians etc. if he gets close to them.
*****  Gabriel tries to talk to him and in particular to find out where the crime scene IS ! But understandably he refuses to divulge any police business!
*****  <<  I personally found the next essential step QUITE  TRICKY and had to repeat it SEVERAL times until I managed it "If at first you don't succeed, try try try again!!". Hopefully, you may have NO difficulties like I had. >>
If however you DO have serious troubles, I hope that the following instructions  will help:_
     (i)      Gabriel needs to access the cop's radio and thereby ascertain the location of the crime scene. 
     (ii)     The  policeman will not let him touch his radio.
    (iii)    Ergo - He must somehow get the cop to leave his bike for a while.
     (iv)   Get the mime to annoy him so that the cop will chase him away and run after him (abandoning his motor bike for a while).
            The way I succeeded eventually was as follows:-
    (v)  Get Gabriel to move close to the mime (near the top of the screen).
   (vi)     Walk to the right and the mime will follow.  Then move diagonally between the drummer and the jazz trio until the mime is close      to the policemen.
   (vii)   The mime will now start mocking the cop who will try to catch him and will run after him away from his motor bike in  so doing.  [+ 5 points]
*****  Whilst the cop is absent, QUICKLY use his radio.  You will hear the location of the crime scene - it is at Lake Pontchartrain  [+ 2 points]
*****  Exit Jackson Square onto the map of the French Quarter. From there, move to themap of Greater New Orleans. Travel to Lake Pontchartrain.
{ Total points to date = 27  }
  Lake Pontchartrain.{ Max. points = 6  }
*****  PAY ATTENTIION to the two automatic cut scenes:-
               (a)  Gabriel meets and exchanges words with  his friend Detective Mosely.
.              (b)  A new character, Malia Gedde, stops her car and questions Mosely - Gabriel is very 'interested'!! (UNDERSTATEMENT!  This is displayed in comic-book fashion).
*****  From the bank of the lake, grab some clay[+ 1 point]
*****  Look at the blood on the  ground to see if you can gather any information - NOTHING doing!
*****  To the left of the blood, look at the marks in the ground.
*****  Copy the abovementioned marks into your sketchbook  - You get a partial Lake pattern in your inventory.  "I wonder what it means?". [+ 2 points]
*****  To the right of the blood, look at the tracks.
*****  Gabriel takes a closer look and discovers a series of 16 discrete adjacent panoramic views of the ground arranged as a matrix.  Each individual view is selected by clicking on one of 4 buttons.
           The top and bottom buttons cause the 4 views of each vertical column (of the matrix) to be displayed.  The right and left buttons cause the 4 views of the horizontal rows to be displayed.
*****  Move up and down, and right and left, and examine ALL 16 views of the ground very carefully.
*****  If you look closely enough you will discern a VERY small white iridescent item on the ground.  [+ 1 point]
*****  The item is too small to see properly so Gabriel examines it using his Magnifying Glass
*****  It is so tiny it is not surprising if it is overlooked. 
               In this case, proceed as follows:-  Exit and reenter the (matrix of 16) views again. Simply click TWICE on the TOP button alone and the miniscule item is very near to the centre of the view.
*****  Pick up the item - Gabriel can't it's far too small and delicate.
*****  From inventory, use the Tweezers to retrieve what looks like a tiny scale. Gabriel recognizes it as a Lake Snake Scale of some unknown species of snake. Gabriel is now carrying it in his inventory!   [+ 2 points]
*****  Exit the crime scene onto the map of Greater New Orleans and from there to the map of the French Quarter.
*****  Return to the St. George's Book Store.
{ Total points to date = 33  }
St, George's Book Store2nd visit.{ Max. points = 4  }
*****  Talk  to Grace and complete new dialogs.
*****  Request Grace to do some research on Malia Gedde. [+ 2 points]
Day 2.
*****  Gabriel asks Grace if she has researched Malia Gedde - which she has.  She tells Gabriel the salient details.
*****  Read today's newspaper.  [+  1 point]
*****  Leave the store onto the map of the French Quarter.
*****  Return to the police station.
{ Total points to date = 37  }
Police Station 2nd visit.{ Max. points = 16 }
*****  Enter the police station.
*****  Gabriel tells police desk sergeant Frick that "I'm here to see detective Mosely".
*****  Frick lets Gabriel in.
*****  Enter the main office and go straight through to Mosely's office.
*****  Examine everything in the office.
*****  Talk to Mosely and exhaust ALL topics - perform ALL activities that crop up during these dialogues... as outlined amongst the following descriptions:-
*****  Ask Mosely for a cup of coffee.  He objects - but eventually grudgingly agrees.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Mosely leaves his office and goes into the main office. 
*****  Browse around Mosely's empty office, but there is nothing substantial to do there. 
Mosely returns and sits down.
*****  Suggest to Mosely that they should be photographed together (A "Cop/Author shot" for Gabriel's forthcoming book on the Voodoo Murders). [+ 2 points]    
*****  Mosely calls in police sergeant Franks, the police photographer (from the main office).  Gabriel claims that he needs to "check my hair"  ?!?!
*****  He leaves Mosely's office and goes into the main office to see to his hair (ostensibly since there is a mirror there)!
*****  Look around the main office.
*****  There is a thermostat attached to one of the walls.  Adjust it so that it reaches its maximum temperature of 80.1 degrees Fahrenheit.  [+  1 point] 
*****  Return to Mosely's office and observe Mosely removing his jacket due to the unusual heat and hanging it up on the wall!
*****  Ask Mosely once again for a cup of coffee.  The procedure is identical to that described above. 
*****  Mosely again goes into the main office to get more coffee for Gabriel!?!?
*****  Quickly, before Mosely returns to his office, go to his jacket and "borrow" his police Badge[+  3 points]
*****  Query Mosely about the patterns around the seven Voodoo bodies.
*****  Gabriel would like to view the 'other six patterns'  (He has already copied the latest one from the crime scene at Lake Pontchartrain).
*****  Mosely tells him to "Go see officer Franks... tell her you can see the file"!  [+ 1 point]
*****  Gabriel exits Mosely's office for the main office and approaches Franks.
*****  He tells her that Mosely asks her to let him look at the Voodoo Murders case file.
*****  Sergeant Franks gets the Voodoo Files folder and hands it to Gabriel, but warns him that it must ONLY be read in the MAIN office and must not be taken ANYWHERE else.  In addition, it is forbidden to photocopy it!  [+ 2 points] 
*****  After looking at it, Gabriel hands the Voodoo Files back to officer Franks who takes it and leaves it in the in-box on her desk.
*****  Gabriel returns to Mosely's office ........................
*****  ......................... and AGAIN goes through the whole identical routine of requesting a joint photograph with Mosely.
*****  Once again, Gabriel goes into the main office to 'Check his hair'. ( He is alone there, leaving Mosely and Franks behind in Mosely's office).
*****  Pick up theVoodoo Files  from the in-box on Franks' desk.
*****  From inventory, put the Voodoo Files into the photocopier and obtain a Voodoo Files Photocopy.   [+ 5 points]   
*****  Return the Voodoo Files  to the in-box on Franks' desk.  [+1 point]   
*****  Exit the main office and then the police station, onto the map of the French Quarter and from there move to the Dixieland Drug Store.
{ Total points to date = 53  }
Dixieland Drug Store 1st visit.{ Max. points = 5 }
*****  Examine the many unusual objects in the store
*****  Look at the mask (to the right of the door)..." The mask appears to be made from a real crocodile head"!
*****  View the sign on the counter (between the cash register and the proprietor).   [+ 1 point]
*****  Talk to Willy, the owner of the Dixieland Drug Store, and exhaust ALL topics.  Ensure that you do not neglect to ask about the following two subjects ....................
   *****  ................ Animal masks  [+ 2 points] 
   *****  ................ Voodoo murders   [+ 2 points]
*****  Exit the Dixieland Drug Store, onto the map of the French Quarter and from there, move to the historical New Orleans Voodoo Museum.
  { Total points to date = 58  }
Voodoo Museum 1st visit.{ Max. points = 8 }
*****  Examine everything in the museum.
***** Try the Switch next to the front door. You will notice this turns the fan on, but Gabriel is told to "turn it off" since it disturbs the snake!
*****  Look at the shrine and ALL the objects there.
*****  Notice the (small) Coffin.
*****  Take the Magentia Moonbeam flyer... A new location, 'Moonbeam Residence', is created on the map of the French Quarter.  But you can't access it until later in the game - If you try, you are informed that it is closed... "Back on June 22nd!).  [+ 2 points] 
*****  Talk to Dr John who is the Director of the Museum.  He outlines its contents and its history, etc., and exhaust ALL topics.  Ensure that you do not neglect to ask about the following three subjects ....................
   *****  ................ Marie Laveau, included in Historical Voodoo.  [+ 2 points] 
   *****  ................ Current Voodoo.   [+ 2 points]
   *****  ................ Marie Laveau and daughter, and the St. Louis Cemetery  Number 1... A new location, 'St. Louis Cemetery', is created on the map of the French Quarter.   [+ 2 points] 
 *****  Exit the Voodoo Museum onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the St. Louis Cemetery'.
{ Total points to date = 66  }
St. Louis Cemetery 1st visit.{ Max. points = 5 }
*****  A very elderly watchman is busy cleaning up the ground.  Talk to him and exhaust all dialogues.  [+ 2 points] 
*****  There are strange markings on one wall of the Laveau Tomb.  Take your sketchbook from inventory and Copy the Markings into it (view them in inventory).  [+ 2 points] 
*****  There is a red brick on the ground, in front of the Laveau tomb. Pick up the Brick[+ 1 point] 
*****  Walk further into the cemetery to the Gedde tomb (more like a mausoleum!).  Try to enter but it is very securely locked up, and Gabriel hasn't got a key!
*****  Exit the St. Louis cemetery onto the map of the French Quarter. From there, move to themap of Greater New Orleans. Travel to Malia Gedde's mansion.
{ Total points to date = 71  }
Malia Gedde's mansion 1st visit.{ Max. points = 7 }
*****  Knock on the front door and the butler opens it. 
*****  Request to see Malia Gedde. Give various (weak) 'reasons' for seeing Malia - the butler (understandably) refuses to let Gabriel in!
***** From inventory, show the police Badge (that Gabriel purloined from Mosely's jacket) to the butler and tell him that you are detective Mosely here on official  police business to see Miss Gedde.  [+ 5 points]
*****  You are shown into the library and then joined by Malia Gedde.
*****  Talk to Malia and exhaust ALL dialogues - leave the blatant flirting till the end!
*****  Malia realizes that you are NOT Mosely nor a police officer and concludes the interview and has Robert the butler show Gabriel unceremoniously out of her house!!  [+ 2 points]
*****  Exit the Gedde Mansion onto the map of Greater New Orleans. From there, move to themap of the French Quarter .  Travel to Jackson Square again.
{ Total points to date = 78  }
Jackson Square 2nd visit.{ Max. points = 7  }
*****  There are now some additional folk occupying the square (the mime is no longer there).
   Near the bottom at the left (of the screen) is a hot-dog vendor.
   Close to him is a young boy tap-dancing in an attempt to get the hot-dog man to give him a free hot-dog.
   Near to the top right is an artist busily at work.
*****  Gabriel talks to the hot-dog guy and the tap-dancer and exhausts all dialogues - but achieves nothing of importance!
*****  As he approaches the artist, a sudden strong gust of wind blows the sketch he is working on to fly up and away from his easel.  He is devastated due to the loss of two day's work!!  His sketch is now lodged inside the sturdy fence surrounding the bronze statue of Andrew Jackson (in the centre of Jackson Square).
*****  Gabriel would like to retrieve it but he cannot penetrate the railings.                                                                                 the railings.
*****  Talk to the artist and exhaust all dialogues.
*****  Try to get him to work on the partial patterns of the Voodoo murders in inventory. (Those that Gabriel illegally photocopied at the police station a while ago! ).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        But the artist says that he can't help him - "I'm a student and don't take commissions"!
*****  From inventory, give your $ 20 Gift Certificate to the hotdog vendor and receive a Hot-Dog (doobie-dog) in return.  [+ 1 point] 
*****  From inventory, give the Hot-Dog to the young lad who is tap-dancing for his meal.  The boy offers to return the favour.   [+ 1 point] 
*****  To return the favour, ask the young tap dancer to squeeze through the statue's railings and retrieve the artist's sketch.   
***** The boy accedes readily and obtains the Artist's Sketch for Gabriel. [+ 1 point]  
*****  From inventory, return the Artist's Sketch to the artist who promises to do Gabriel a favour. [+ 1 point]   
**** From inventory, give thePartial Patterns of the Voodoo murders to the artist who now accepts them for reconstruction.   [+ 2 points]
*****  However, the artist could do with some more patterns.  So from inventory give him the Lake Pattern that Gabriel copied from the crime scene at Lake Pontchartrain.
That's GREAT!.  The artist will give the completed reconstruction to Gabriel tomorrow.  [+ 1 point]
 *****  Exit Jackson Square onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the St. George's Bookstore.
{ Total points to date = 85  }
St. George's Book Store3rd visit.{ Max. points = 5  }
*****  Talk to Grace and exhaust ALL dialogs. Ask her for all messages etc.
*****  Ask Grace to do some research on Madame Cazaunoux.
Day 3.
*****  Grace has done as much research on Madame Cazaunoux as possible, but it is not complete.  She has 'acquired' one page only from the New Orleans  phone book and gives the Phone Book Page to Gabriel  He will somehow have to figure out Madame Cazaunoux's address from that!   [+ 3 points]
*****  Examine the Phone Book Page in inventory.  It contains the phone numbers of 4 different people named Cazaunoux but NO addresses are listed!! 
*****  Read today's newspaper.  [+ 2 points]
*****  The newspaper carries a notice informing about a lecture on African religions at Tulane University and that new location is now made accessible on the map.
*****  Talk to Grace again and exhaust ALL dialogs. There is a messages from Mosely - he is interrogating a suspect... maybe Gabriel would like to join him and observe the proceedings?
*****  Gabriel goes from the bookshop into his bedroom.
{ Total points to date = 90  }
Gabriel's Bedroom2nd visit. {Max. points = 2  }
*****  Figure out Madame Cazaunoux's home address!
If you  have serious troubles, the following should help:-
     (i)    Access inventory.  Note that there are FOUR entries for Cazaunoux in the single Phone Book Page that Grace 'acquired'!
      (ii)    Use Gabriel's telephone.  (It is not essential, but in addition you can click on the left side of the telephone and get a somewhat reduced copy of the  Phone Book Page superimposed next to the phone!)
      (iii)    Phone all four possibilities with different cock and bull stories.
      (iv)    ONE ONLY gets you through to  Madame Cazaunoux who will not talk.       
      (v)   However, you hear her little dog yapping in the background and her telling the dog 'Castro' to "Hush"!
               Gabriel remembers that Madame Cazaunoux had a small dog when she visited the Dixieland Drug Store.
      (vi)   Notice that fortunately there is an advert for the 'Cajun Critters Veterinary Clinic', with a phone number on  the Phone Book Page.
      (vii)    So phone them about 'Castro'. 
      (viii)   Eureka!!  You obtain the address of Madame Cazaunoux and her residence is automatically added onto the map!  [+ 2 points]   
*****  Exit back to the store and from there leave the store onto the map of the French Quarter.
*****  Travel to the Cazaunoux Residence.
{ Total points to date = 92  }
Cazaunoux Residence1st visit. {Max. points = NONE  }
 *****  Knock on the front door and try to speak to Madame Cazaunoux.
*****  Gabriel tries a half dozen or so attempts using different approaches each time but she refuses to speak to him!
*****  Exit onto the map of the French Quarter and from there go to the police station where Mosely is conducting an interrogation.
{ Total points to date = 92  }
Police Station 3rd visit.{ Max. points = NONE }
*****  Look at the drummer outside the police station - he ignores Gabriel!
*****  Enter the police station.
*****  No need to talk to sergeant Frick again.  Go straight through the swing door and the main office to Mosely's  office.
*****  Mosely admonishes Gabriel for taking his police badge.
*****  Mosely is fruitlessly interrogating the suspect, a petty informer named 'Crash' - but he gets nowhere and has him locked up until tomorrow morning when he has to free him!
*****  Exit onto the map of the French Quarter and from there go to the St. Louis Cathedral.
{ Total points to date = 92  }
St. Louis Cathedral1st visit. {Max. points = 1  }
*****  Look around at everything in the Cathedral.
*****  On the left side of the nave there are two confessionals.
*****  The left hand confessional is occupied, so Gabriel enters the right hand one.
*****  Examine the inside of the confessional on the right.
*****  Kneel in front of the grille/window and converse with the priest on the other side.
*****  Gabriel confesses to multiple sins - exhaust ALL dialogues with the priest.
*****  The priest has to leave his cubicle for his lunch break.
*****  Gabriel leaves his confessional and surreptitiously ('illegally') enters the priest's cubicle.
*****  Look around inside it thoroughly.
*****  There is a box attached to the right wall near to the window - Open it!
*****  Steal the Priest Collar which is inside the box.   [+ 1 point].
*****  Close the box and leave the cubicle. 
*****  Exit onto the map of the French Quarter and from there go to the Cazaunoux Residence.
{ Total points to date = 93  }
Cazaunoux Residence2nd visit. {Max. points = 4  }
*****  Gabriel tries (once again) in vain to visit Madame Cazaunoux and enter her house.
*****  He has learnt that she is a Catholic and hence he impersonates a priest (and even adopts an Irish accent).
If you have severe difficulty with this, then read the following hints:-
     (i)     Combine your  Black Shirtwith your Priest Collar.
    (ii)    Combine the Collar and Shirt with your Hair Gel.
     (iii)   Woohoo!!  You have made a Priest Disguise[+ 1 point]
*****  Gabriel dons his Priest Disguise (which is in inventory).  [+ 2 points]
*****  Knock on the door and tell Madame Cazaunoux that you are a new priest, Father Maclaughlin, and she happily accompanies Gabriel into her house!  [+ 1 point]
*****  Gabriel talks to Madame Cazaunoux and exhausts all possible dialogues
****  Exit the Cazaunoux Residence and surroundings onto the map of the French Quarter and from there go to Jackson Square once again.  (Gabriel automatically changes out of his priest's garb and into his everyday clothes).
{ Total points to date = 97  }
Jackson Square 3rd visit.{ Max. points = 1  }
*****  Gabriel goes to the artist who has completed the reconstructed 'Vevé' which he finds disturbing. but gives it to Gabriel!   [+ 1 point]
*****  Exit Jackson Square onto the map of the French Quarter. From there, move to themap of Greater New Orleans. Travel to Tulane University.
{ Total points to date = 98  }
Tulane University 1st visit.{ Max. points = 7  }
*****  Gabriel arrives at the University and enters the lecture hall where the lecture on African Religions is already in progress.  [+ 2 points]
*****  Gabriel falls asleep whilst the lecture is still going on and only wakes up snoring loudly when it is finished!
*****  Talk to Professor Hartridge, the lecturer, and exhausts all dialogues.  [+ 1 point]
*****  From inventory Gabriel shows the Reconstructed Vevé' to the professor who immediately recognizes it as belonging to genuine Voodoo.  He makes a photocopy and tells Gabriel that he will contact him when he has examined it and has more information!!  [+ 2 points]
*****  Show Professor Hartridge the Murder Photo and listen o his comments. .  [+ 2 points]
*****  Exit Tulane University onto the map of Greater New  Orleans. From there, move to themap of the French Quarter. Travel to Jackson Square.
{ Total points to date = 105  }
Jackson Square 4th visit.{ Max. points = 6  }
*****  Talk to Madame Lorelei, a fortune-teller, and exhaust all dialogues. 
*****  Gabriel moves closer to her and she gets up and starts an inviting belly-dance.
*****  Gabriel follows and approaches her and starts flirting !
*****  She drops her veil (deliberately??),  stops her dancing and returns to her booth.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Gabriel picks up her Veil from the ground where it fell.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Examine the Veil in inventory and discover a Veil Snake Scale on it - presumably from
the REAL boa-constrictor that Madame Lorelei wears round her neck!    [+ 2 points]
*****  The  Veil Snake Scale is olive green in colour.
*****  In inventory, carefully using a Magnifying Glass and Tweezers,  the Veil Snake Scale is compared with the Lake Snake Scale and they are VERY different!  [+ 1 point]
*****  From inventory Gabriel returns her veil to Madame Lorelei.  In return she decides after all to give him a free palm reading .  It starts off fine, but after a while she 'sees' something EXTREMELY frightening and dashes off ii terror! [+ 1 point]
 *****  Exit Jackson Square onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the Cazaunoux Residence.
{ Total points to date = 111  }
Cazaunoux Residence3rd visit. {Max. points = 4  }
*****  Gabriel has to change into his Priest Disguise in order to get Madame Cazaunoux to allow him to enter. (If you have forgotten, see Gabriel's previous entry into her house and follow the same steps - using the abovementioned 'ready made' Priest Disguise from inventory).
*****  Talk to Madame Cazaunoux and exhaust ALL dialogues - and in particular the following 2 topics:-
   *****  "Cabrit sans cor"  and Gabriel translates it correctly as literally "Goat without horns"  [+ 2 points]   
               *****  "Human sacrifice"  -  this leads to a sequence of dialogues. 
*****  Continue to talk to Madame Cazaunoux and exhaust ALL dialogues. This will eventually lead to Madame Cazaunoux producing a sinister snake bracelet and getting Gabriel to bless it.
*****  From inventory select the Clay and use it on the bracelet to make a Bracelet Mold[+ 2 points]
  *****  Gabriel pronounces another (different) blessing on the bracelet.
*****  Exit the Cazaunoux Residence onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the St. Louis Cemetery.
{ Total points to date = 115  }
St. Louis Cemetery 2nd visit.{ Max. points = 2  }
*****  Walk to the (imposing) Gedde tomb and bump into Malia Gedde who has just left from visiting it!  Enjoy the intimate heartfelt dialogue between Malia and Gabriel.  Malia departs.  [+ 2 points]
*****  Gabriel leaves the cemetery.
*****  It is late and Gabriel is sleepy.  This is the end of Day 3  and the beginning of Day 4,. Automatically the scene changes to nighttime at the bookstore and a cut scene  involving a romantic episode between Gabriel and Malia.
*****  The cut scene ends next morning (Day 4) in the bookstore.
{ Total points to date = 117  }
Day 4.
St. George's Book Store4th visit.{ Max. points = 7  }
*****  Gabriel emerges from his bedroom after an intense night with Malia (looking somewhat worse for wear)!  [+ 1 point]
*****  There is a man standing outside the window, staring into the shop permanently, and bugging Grace.  Shout at him to clear off, but he doesn't budge.
*****  Talk to Grace and exhaust all dialogues.
   (i)    Ask for messages and receive a message from Gabriel's grandma asking him to go through his father's things... Grandma's house is added to the map[+ 2 points]
   (ii)    A Wolfgang Ritter phoned from Germany saying that he was a relative and leaving his phone number in Germany. 
   (iii)    Request some research on the Reconstructed Vevé'[+ 2 points]
   (iv)    Gracie gives Gabriel Wolfgang's Number in Germany.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Read the headlines of the newspaper which is on the counter - The police report says that the terrifying Voodoo murders case has been closed ??!!??
               You also learn about Sam Springleton , Master Jeweler.  He hangs out at the Napoleon House which has now been added to the map[+ 1 point]
*****  Exit the store onto the map of the French Quarter.
*****      Travel to the Police Station.
{ Total points to date = 124  }
Police Station 4th visit.{ Max. points = NONE  }
*****  Enter the police station and go straight through into Mosely's office.
*****  Try to convince Mosely that the case should NOT be closed and that there IS a Voodoo connection with these crimes!!
*****  Exit the police station onto the map of the French Quarter. From there, move to themap of Greater New Orleans. Travel to Grandma's house/.
{ Total points to date = 124  }
Grandma's House 1st visit.{ Max. points = 17  }
***** Talk to Grandma and exhaust ALL dialogues and queries.  Ask her about Gabriel's grandfather,
 father, and the Knight family tree.  Grandma suggests that he might want to visit the Knight family  tomb at the St. Louis cemetery number 1, since he is  so interested in family history!  [+ 2 points]
*****  Climb upstairs to the Attic.
******  Look around at all the junk there... most holds no interest for Gabriel!
*****  However there is an old trunk there - Open it.  You can move some items inside the trunk - DO THAT!! Lift and move aside a cross and a picture.  From beneath them both, pick up a Key[+ 1 point]
*****  There is a VERY interesting old elaborate clock in the attic - it has an interesting design in the base and pictorial symbols surrounding its face.  You can drag its hands to any time you wish, and drag-rotate the  'six symbols band' around the clock face... The symbols are:- sword; sun; angel; noose; eclipse; and dragon.
*****  This presents a puzzle.  It is a pretty abstruse one and hence not too easy.  If you have GREAT trouble solving it, follow the graduated hints below:-
      (i)      The antique clock belonged to Gabriel's German grandfather..
      (ii)    In Gabriel's  St. George's bookshop, on a bookshelf, is a book of poems written by Heinz Ritter, Gabriel's grandfather.  
     (iii)  The poem starts out with the first two words of the poems of the poem of the two words "Drei  Drachen".
     (iv)  If your German is not up to it, use the German/English dictionary near to the book of poems.
     (v)  So the clue is two words "Three" and "Dragon".
     (v1)  Drag the minute hand of the clock in grandma's attic and rotate it (and the hour hand with it) until it reads 3:00 o'clock - i.e. the (long) minute hands on 12 and the (short) hour hand on 3. 
     (Vii)  Drag and rotate the band of symbols around the clock face until the dragon-symbol is aligned with the 12-mark of the clock - i.e. at the top!
     (viii)  Notice the keyhole at the left of the clock and the (elaborate) drawer at the bottom.
     (ix)  From inventory, insert the Clock Key into the keyhole.
     (x)  Turn the key (in the keyhole) and the drawer opens.   [+ 5 points]
     (xii)  Remove the Clock Letter and the Ritter Photograph from the open drawer.  [+ 5 points]
     (xii)  In inventory, read the Clock Letter which mentions the German word Schattenjäger more than once!.  [+ 1 point]
Look at the back of the Ritter Photo -  It is from Gabriel's grandfather and  contains some important information.  The photo was written from Schloss Ritter and dated 1925.
*****  Go downstairs and talk to Grandma again. Ask her about, Heinz Ritter,  and Wolfgang Ritter.  [+ 3 points]
*****   Say goodbye to Grandma and leave her house, onto the map of Greater New  Orleans. From there, move to themap .of the French Quarter. Travel to the St. Louis Cemetery.
{ Total points to date = 141  }
St. Louis Cemetery 3rd visit.{ Max. points = 2 }
*****  Walk to the left to the tomb of Gabriel's grandmother's side of the family - the Wright family. *****  Stand in front of the tomb and you can see six memorial plaques for six deceased family members.
*****  Investigate each one of the plaques.
*****  Whilst you are doing the above, a very small swift animal (a squirrel or hare maybe?) dashes past Gabriel and smashes a vase which is on the ground in front of the tomb!
*****  Look at the broken pieces of the vase and notice a $20 bill amongst the shards.
*****  Pocket the $20 bill[+ 2 points]
*****  Exit the St. Louis Cemetery onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the Dixieland Drug Store.
{ Total points to date = 143  }
Dixieland Drug Store 2nd visit.{ Max. points = None }
***** Talk to Willy, the owner of the store and ask him if he is willing to sell 'Willy Jr.' the crocodile mask.
*****  He says that he will sell it for $100 which he quickly changes to a final figure of $120! (But Gabriel only possesses $20!!).
*****  Exit the Dixieland Drug Store onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the St. George's Book Store.
{ Total points to date = 143  }
St. George's Book Store 5th visit.{ Max. points = 2  }
*****  As Gabriel enters the store, a familiar customer/acquaintance named Bruno enters.
*****  As he has apparently done several times before, he asks Gabriel if he can buy the bizarre painting on the wall (the one painted by Gabriel's father).
*****  Gabriel asks him how much he is prepared to pay and Bruno says $100 which is all he has free at present.
*****  DONE!!!  Bruno walks off with the painting and Gabriel now has the $120.00 necessary to buy Willy Jr., the crocodile mask.  [+ 2 points]
{ Total points to date = 145  }
Dixieland Drug Store 3rd visit.{ Max. points = 2 }
*****  Give your $120  to Willy and get the Crocodile Mask (Willy Jnr.).  He also gives Gabriel a free bottle of Voodoo Oil (Master Gamblin' Oil).
*****  Exit the Dixieland Drug Store onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to Gabriel's Bookstore and from there to his Bedroom.
{ Total points to date = 147  }
 Gabriel's Bedroom3rd visit. {Max. points = 2  }
*****  From inventory, use Wolfgang's Number (49093243333) on the phone - this will allow Wolfgang's phone number to be superimposed on the telephone dial pad.
*****  Dial the number and, since it is an international call, don't forget to prefix it with 011.
 and press on the 'dial' button.
*****  Listen to Wolfgang - He has a pronounced German accent and is the (old) brother of Gabriel's grandfather.
*****  Wolfgang warns Gabriel to be aware of very great danger and to be extra careful.
*****  Exit Gabriel's Bedroom and Bookstore onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to Napoleon House.
{ Total points to date = 149  }
Napoleon House1st visit. {Max. points = 5  }
*****  Talk to the bartender and exhaust ALL dialogues.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Approach all the customers in the bar and the drummer outside.
*****  The only pair who are 'approachable' are the pair of men playing chess - Markus who ALWAYS wins and Sam who always loses.
*****  From inventory, explain to Sam that the Voodoo Oil (Master Gamblin' Oil) will make him win for once.  [+ 1 point]
*****  From inventory give Sam the Voodoo Oil - AND CHECKMATE!![+ 2 points]
*****  Sam offers to return a favour to Gabriel and so give him the Bracelet Mold of the snake bracelet from inventory.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Sam was a jeweler and will make a replica of the clay snake bracelet mold and give it to Gabriel later the same day.
*****  So, mark time until later on...  Exit Napoleon House onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to Jackson Square Overlook.
{ Total points to date = 154  }
Jackson Square Overlook1st visit. {Max. points = 3  }
*****  From the overlook view the buildings in front of Gabriel and use all four binoculars which give four different views of Jackson Square.
*****  Using OMLY the binoculars at the extreme right you observe Crash approaching and talking to the drummer sitting next to the railings!  [+ 3 points]
*****  Exit the Jackson Square Overlook onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to Napoleon House.
{ Total points to date = 157  }
Napoleon House2nd visit. {Max. points = 1  }
*****  Sam has returned.
*****  Obtain the Snake Bracelet from Sam.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Exit Napoleon House onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the St. Louis Cathedral.
{ Total points to date = 158  }
St. Louis Cathedral2nd visit. {Max. points = 6  }
*****  Crash is slumped in one of the pews.  He looks terribly sick and is coughing  all  the  time.
*****  Gabriel tries to talk to him but he refuses to participate.
*****  From inventory show Crash the Snake Bracelet.  He is totally shocked and now prepared to talk! [+ 1 point]
*****  Now talk to Crash and exhaust ALL dialogues[+ 3 points]
*****  Cash dies exhausted and in pain uttering "Snakes Eyes" etc.
*****  Look closely at Crash and roll back his shirt - see the tattoo of a snake on Crash's chest - it is very similar to the snake on Madame Cazaunoux's bracelet in inventory.
*****  From inventory take your Sketchbook and make a copy of the Snake  Tattoo[+ 2 points]
*****  Exit the St. Louis Cathedral onto the map of the French Quarter.  Automatically go to the St. George's Book Store.
{ Total points to date = 164  }
St. George's Book Store6th visit.{ Max. points = 7  }
*****  Gabriel can't sleep - he phones Malia... neither can she!  So he hops onto his motor bike and spends the night with her (at her mansion) !  He returns to the book store next morning after Grace (Day 5).
Day 5 .
*****  Grace tells Gabriel that he has an (expected) package from Germany.  It is a special family journal!
*****  Three new items are stored in your inventory... the Voodoo Article, Gunter's Journal, and  Wolfgang's Letter.
***** The phone rings for Gabriel.  It is Professor Hartridge from Tulane University.  He is enormously excited about the Vevé' that Gabriel left with him and its historical background.  Gabriel promises to visit him ASAP! [+ 2 points]
*****  Ask Grace to research Rada Drums.   [+ 2 points]
*****  Read the Newspaper for 22nd of June (Day 5).  [+ 1 point]
*****  In inventory read Wolfgang's Letter[+ 1 point]
*****  In inventory examine Gunter's Journal and particularly its final entry.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Exit St. George's Book Store onto the map of the French Quarter. From there, move to themap of Greater New Orleans. Travel to Tulane University as promised to  Professor Hartridge.
{ Total points to date = 171  }
Tulane University 2nd visit.{ Max. points = 2  }
*****  Enter Professor Hartridge's office.
*****  He seems to be sitting in an awkward posture.  Gabriel touches him and he slumps sideways - DEAD! "Oh God!! Not again!"!!
*****  Look closely at Hartridge's desk.  There is a notepad and a pencil there.
*****  Unfortunately the top page of the notepad has been removed. - but it has left (doodled) impressions on the page beneath the top one.
*****  Take the pencil and scribble all over that page and Hartridge's Notes show up.  Pocket them! [+ 2 points]
 *****  In inventory examine Hartridge's Notes.
*****  Leave the office into the lecture room, and Tulane University (after informing the authorities of Hartridge's death) onto the map of Greater New  Orleans. From there, move to themap of the French Quarter. Travel to Moonbeam's Residence.
{ Total points to date = 173  }
Moonbeam's Residence 1st visit.{ Max. points = 9  }
*****  Magentia Moonbeam has returned to her house (it is now June 22nd 1993).
*****  Talk to her and exhaust ALL dialogues.  [+ 3 points]
*****  Ask about Grimwald, Magentia's pet snake and whether Gabriel can have one of her scales  - NO!!  [+ 3 points]
*****  Whilst she is performing her snake dance, walk behind her back to the fancy birdcage and steal a bit of Grimwald's shed Snake Skin!  [+ 2 points]
*****  In inventory use the Magnifying Glass to magnify Grimwald's Snake Skin.  It is quite different from the snake scale picked up at the crime scene!.  And so, Moonbeam is NOT implicated in the murders!  [+ 1 point]
*****  From inventory, show Magentia your Voodoo Code  and ask her to decipher it.  But she won't "For outsiders" such as Gabriel.
***** Press her again and she will allow Gabriel to be tested with her infallible 'Loa-machine' and Gabriel agrees.
*****  Use the 'Loa-machine' to enable translation of the code!
               This is a puzzle.  If you have severe difficulties, access the hints below:-
      (i)      View the 'mechanism'... There are 13 coloured rectangular panels arranged in two rows, each containing one (random) alphabetical letter.  Beneath them are  13 round similar coloured lever-knobs, Fairly near to the top left hand corner is a round red coloured button containing the word 'START'.
      (ii)    Press 'START'.  
     (iii)  The 13 letters form two words.  But they only remain fixed for a very short time. If you don't read them correctly you can repeat this as often as you need to!
     (iv)  To solve the puzzle you have to make the two words remain permanently.
     (v)  Click on the 13 coloured knobs, either once or more each as necessary, in order to change the random letters into  the requisite ' T  r  u  s  t  e  d    F   r  i   e   n   d '.
                    One way of doing this, (not necessarily the most efficient, is to start from the left hand knob and work to the end at the  right.
                    However, although not difficult, it is not quite as straightforward as that - By making just a few letters correct (not all) they 'undo' other letters that you have previously fixed correctly.
                    But this is not a serious problem.  Simply keep returning to the first letter to the left which is incorrect and correct it and continue to the right. doing the same.
     (v1)  After just one or a very few iterations of (v), the puzzle is solved.
                    N.B. There is a more efficient way (just a few less steps) of completing this puzzle, but it is a complete spoiler with no obvious tangible reasoning!  [+ 2 points]
*****  L:ook at the Voodoo Code in inventory. Now, beneath each of the symbols is a letter of the alphabet as follows:-  " D J C O N C L A V E T O N I G H T B R I N G F W E T K A S H ".
*****  It seems that the person who left the message was no too proficient with the coding and the correct message was probably meant to be...  " DJ  Conclave  Tonight  Bring  Fresh  Cash ".
*****  Could the letters 'D J' imply that the message was intended for Dr. John??
*****  Exit Moonbeam's Residence onto the map of the French Quarter and from there move to the Voodoo Museum.
{ Total points to date = 182  }
Voodoo Museum 2nd visit.{ Max. points = 5 }
*****  The front door to the museum is unlocked and so Gabriel enters.
*****  It is pitch dark inside - the lights are out!  Nobody is inside.
*****  A deadly snake (a python) attacks Gabriel and starts to choke him.
*****  You have to work fairly quickly in order to save Gabriel's life.  But don't panic and keep a cool head.  If you get killed once or twice or several  times don't despair - Gabriel can very easily be resurrected as often as you need!!
*****  If however you get killed too often &/or can't act quickly then follow these easy steps:-
     (i)  Immediately before entering the museum and whilst still on the map, SAVE your game!!   
     (ii)     For a while YOU CAN'T DO ANUTHING since you have no cursor and you cannot interact with the game AT ALL!.  Don't worry!!
     (iii)     The way I succeeded eventually was as follows:-  
    (iii)      After a short while depress your keyboard space bar and keep your finger down on it.
    (iv)       As soon as the cursor appears the hot spots will be displayed.
    (v)        Remember from your previous visit to the Voodoo Museum that the python is afraid of the noise of the fan when operated!!
    (vi)       Quickly access the fan's switch (left of the window and right of the door) and turn it on.
                        Its noise frightens the snake and it slithers away.
*****  Gabriel's life is saved.
*****  Dr. John enters and switches on the lights.  He doesn't seem to be overly astonished or perturbed about the goings on, Gabriel's life threatening escape from certain death or the fact that the museum was empty and dark and that the front door was left open???
*****  Gabriel leaves the Voodoo Museum onto the map of the French Quarter and from there returns to his Book Store.
{ Total points to date = 187  }
St. George's Book Store7th visit.{ Max. points = 4  }
*****  As Gabriel enters the bookstore, Grace remarks on how 'green' he looks and notices something sparkling on his face.
*****  (i)     Watch CAREFULLY what happens next!
                  (ii)    She removes something from Gabriel's face ..............
                  (iii)  .............. and puts the small item into the ashtray on her desk.
*****  From inventory, use the Magnifying Glass to enlarge the small item in the ashtray - It is a snake scale from the python that attacked Gabriel in the Voodoo Museum.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Since it is so fragile, from inventory, use the Tweezers to pick up the Museum Snake Scale. [+ 1 point]
 *****  In inventory, compare the Museum Snake Scale with the Lake Snake Scale you picked up at the crime scene.
*****  See the 2 Snake Scales side by side in inventory - They are DEFINITELY from the SAME snake! [+ 2 points]
Travel to the Police Station.
{ Total points to date = 191  }
Police Station 5th visit.{ Max. points = 8 }
*****  Enter the police station and go straight through into Mosely's
*****  Talk to Mosely and exhaust ALL dialogues. Tell him about the deaths of Crash and Hartridge. Try to convince Mosely that they were both murdered by a Voodoo cult in New Orleans.  HE IS NOT CONVINCED!
*****  From inventory, show Mosely Hartridge's Notes.    [+ 2 points]
 *****  From inventory, show Mosely the Reconstructed  Vevé'.     [+ 2 points]
*****  From inventory, show Mosely the Voodoo Article.     [+ 2 points]
*****  From inventory, show Mosely the 2 Snake Scales
*****  Mosely is finally convinced and reopens the case.
*****  Exit the Police Station onto the map of the French Quarter and travel to St. George's Bookstore.
{ Total points to date = 199  }
Day 6.
St. George's Book Store8th visit.{ Max. points = 6  }
*****  Gabriel leaves his bedroom after a night suffering from more horrendous nightmares.  There is a mutilated chicken on the floor of the bookstore.  The man watching from outside the shop has gone.
*****  The Rada Book (on Rada Drums) has arrived and Grace gives it to Gabriel.
*****  An envelope is surreptitiously slipped under the front door of the Bookstore. [+ 2 points] 
*****  Pick up the White Envelope[+ 1 point] 
*****  In inventory, open theWhite Envelope.  
*****  Examine and read Mosely's Letter (from inside the White Envelope) and also take the attached Mosely's key - Mosely has taken 'leave' and gone underground leaving Gabriel the key to his police station office!  [+ 2 points] 
*****  Talk to Grace.
*****  Read the daily newspaper for June 23rd 1993 - it is St. John's Eve!!  [+ 1 point]
*****  Exit the store onto the map of the French Quarter.
*****      Travel to the Police Station.
{ Total points to date = 205  }
Police Station 6th visit.{ Max. points = 6  }
*****      There is a car parked outside the police station
*****  Access it and walk round to the back.
*****  Ugh!!!  A crow has been bludgeoned to death in a pool of blood.
*****  Nearby lies the probable lethal weapon - Grab the Tire Iron[+ 1 point]
*****  Enter the police station.
*****  Enter Mosely's office - NO GO!  Sergeant Frick refuses to allow Gabriel to enter the office.  If queried he emphasizes in no uncertain terms "We don't have a Detective Mosely on the force!!!".
*****  Gabriel mutters to himself "I'll have to find another way in"!
*****  Exit the police station.
*****  Enter the alleyway to the left.
*****  Use the Tire Iron on Mosely's Office Window.  [+ 2 points] 
*****  Using Mosely's Key from inventory on the keyhole, open the locked  drawer in Mosely's desk.  [+ 2 points] 
*****  There is an interesting tracking device in the open drawer.
*****  Take the Tracker and the two Signal Devices[+ 1 point]
*****  Climb back out of the office window. 
*****  Cut scene (comic-book fashion) - Gabriel flees the location onto the map of the French Quarter and travels to the St. Louis Cemetery.
{ Total points to date = 211  }
St. Louis Cemetery 4th visit.{ Max. points = 4 }
*****  Again go to the tomb of  Marie Laveau.
*****  Examine the markings on the side of the tomb - THEY HAVE CHANGED!
*****  From inventory, take your sketchbook and copy the new coded message - you now have   Voodoo Code Page 2.
N.B. In inventory, the coded message that Magentia translated has been renamed from Voodoo Codeto  Voodoo Code Page 1[+ 2 points]
*****  Voodoo Page 2 is automatically translated from symbols into English using the translated Voodoo Page 1 by combining Voodoo Code Page 1 and Voodoo Code Page 2 in inventory and obtaining the single item Voodoo Code, a composite of the two pages side by side!  [+ 2 points]
*****  The new message, as far as the available symbols have been translated and hence are known is:- " DJKEEPE?ESONGKB?TDONOTHAR?
*****  There are three symbols missing (?) and from the context it is EXTREMELY easy to identify them.  Hence the FULL new message (as seen in the inventory item Voodoo Code) is:- " DJ  KEEP  EYES  ON  GK  BUT  DO  NOT  HARM "
*****  Since both these messages are addressed to Dr. John, Gabriel decides to visit him at the Voodoo Museum again
*****  Exit the St. Louis Cemetery onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the Voodoo Museum,.
{ Total points to date = 215  }
Voodoo Museum 3rd visit.{ Max. points = 3 }
*****  Talk to Dr. John - he gives the impression that he knows about nothing special concerning St. John's Eve?!
*****  From inventory, take one of your Tracking Devices and surreptitiously slip it into the coffin (which is known in Voodoo terminology as a ( 'Sekey Madoulé' ). [+ 3 points]
*****  Gabriel ruminates "Now if only they take the coffin to the ritual"! 
*****  Dr. John tells Gabriel that he's closing early since it IS St. John's Eve.
*****  Exit the Voodoo Museum onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to Jackson Square.
{ Total points to date = 218  }
Jackson Square 5th visit.{ Max. points = 8  }
*****  Madame Lorelei has returned after her previous hysteria!
*****  Talk to her ( In comic-book style -She seems more 'witch-like' in this sequence!?).
*****  She warns Gabriel to stop his affair with Malia Gedde or he will die !!??  [+ 3 points]
*****  Gabriel needs to find out whereabouts the conclave is due to take place tonight.   To do this, he needs to crack the code that the Rada drummers are beating out as an invitation to all those involved.  This is quite a puzzle and so if you need help, the following graduated hints should provide the solution.
               [1]   Approach the drummer and try to talk to him - but he ignores Gabriel and just keeps on drumming.
                    [2]  From inventory use the Rada Book on the drummer and wait until you obtain two full lines of Rada Drum symbols - 36 symbols in all.
                    [3]   Examine the results of the abovementioned action:-
     (a)  On the left hand half of your screen are three accessible pages of Rada Drum symbols with their translations into English.  The pages are one on top of the other and are accessed by using the clockwise/anticlockwise curved arrows. Page-1 is on top and active so long as there is NO curved arrow on the left side and a clockwise curved arrow on the right side.
     (b) On the right hand half of your screen are two (horizontal) lines of Rada Drum symbols.  Each line contains 18 symbols.  
     (c)  There are over a half dozen different individual (shaped) symbols.  Words are 'spelt' out by the drums with different combinations of these symbols/'letters'.
     (d)  Each word of the message consists of several (e.g. 4, 5 or 6) letters/symbols.
     (e)  In order to decipher the full message you have to look up the various strings (groups) of symbols (letters) in order to compare them with the three page 'dictionary' on the left hand side of the screen.
     (f)  The drum symbols are entirely different ones from the Voodoo Code symbols which appeared on Marie Laveau's tomb in the St. Louis Cemetery.
                    [4]  There are three words (i.e. groups of a few symbols) embedded somewhere amongst the 36 symbols - the rest of the symbols are junk and only designed as camouflage to hide the essential three words from 'outsiders'.  There is one (vital) word on each of the three pages of the Rada Book. These three essential specific groups of symbols have to be identified AND TRANSLATED. 
                    [5] Ensure that you are on page-1 of the Rada Book (on the left half of the screen).  Then scan down the list of groups of symbols (i.e. 'words') until you find  one group which is IDENTICAL to a string of symbols  somewhere in the two lines of drum-beat-symbols.  Then click on that group of Rada-page symbols and its corresponding English translation is inscribed below the straight line beneath the drumbeat symbols.
                    [6]  The string of symbols inside the 36 drum beats (two lines) on the right which is identical to a group on the first page of the Rada Book on the left is on the bottom line symbols second thro' fifth from the left.
    This string of symbols is identical to the second row down on page-1 of the Rada Book whose translation there into English is 'TONIGHT' - Click on this on the left half of the screen and the four symbols and the 'Tonight' translation appear on the right side. of the screen below the straight line near the bottom.
                    [7]  Click on the clockwise round arrow on the Rada Book page to access its page-2. In a similar
way to [6], deal with page-2:-
    The relevant parameters in this case are:-
    Right hand side of the screen; Bottom Right hand  side of the screen on line of Rada Drum symbols .......  Five symbols, 11th thro' 15th.
     Left hand  side of the screen; Rada Book, second line from the bottom ....... yielding the translation "SWAMP".
                    [8]  Click on the clockwise round arrow on the Rada Book page to access its page-3. In a similar
way to [6], deal with page-3:-
    The relevant parameters in this case are:-
    Right hand side of the screen; Top Right hand side of the screen on line of Rada Drum symbols .......  Five symbols, 7th thro' 12th.
     Left hand  side of the screen; Rada Book, the bottom line....... yielding the translation "CALL CONCLAVE". [+ 5 points]
*****  Gabriel now knows where & when the conclave is due to take place - " .......... In the swamp - that must be the Bayou!".
*****  A new location appears on the map of Greater New Orleans - it is 'Bayou St, John'.
*****  Exit Jackson Square onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the St. Louis Cemetery.
{ Total points to date = 226  }
St. Louis Cemetery 5th visit.{ Max. points = 5 }
*****  Mark time until the watchman moves away and cannot see Gabriel 'defacing' Marie Laveau's tomb - if he doesn't move away, exit and return!
*****  Gabriel has hidden a tracker in the coffin ( i.e. 'Sekey Madoulé' ) in the Voodoo Museum so that it will lead him directly to the conclave tonight.  For this to happen he needs to ensure that Dr. John will take it to the conclave ...............
*****............... and so he will post a blatant message on the wall of the tomb to ensure that this will materialize.  If the solution to this puzzle is unclear, the following hints should help:-   
     (i)    The message that Gabriel is going to send to Dr. John is "DJ Tonight Bring Sekey Madoulé".
    (ii)    From inventory Use the BrickORthe Voodoo Code (You don't need both) on the Marie's tomb.
    (iii)   The right half of the screen is where Gabriel's 'illegal' coded message will appear.  The left half of the screen contains the TWO pages that have previously been deciphered together with the English lettered translations of their symbols.    
    (iii)   Identify the symbol corresponding to each English letter of the above message and click on it in the correct order. The full message wi0ll appear letter-symbol by letter-symbol on the right half of the screen.   
    (iv)  To check if your coded message is 100% correct, the following should help:-
            (a)  Page-1 and page-2 are accessed by toggling the top right hand corner of the pages - where it says 'Turn Page'.
            (b)  If you are not sure which of the two pages you are on at the moment, note that page-1 contains five full rows (30 symbols/letters) whereas in page-2 the bottom/fifth row is incomplete (26 symbols/letters).    
            (c)  Designating each column of symbols/letters from left to right by the letters 'A' thro' 'F' and each row from top to bottom by the numbers '1' thro' '6' AND page-2 references in curly brackets ...............
            (d)  The correct message is:-
               {A1}:  {B1};  E2;  F2;  A3;  B3;  C3;  D3;  E3;  F3;  A4;  B4; C4;  D4;  E5;  A5;  C5; A5; {B2};  {B5};  B2;  {F3};  F2;  {D3};  A2;  D2.  [+ 5 points]
*****  Exit the St. Louis Cemetery onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the St. George's Book store.
{ Total points to date = 231  }
St. George's Book Store9th visit.{ Max. points = 3  }
*****  Apparently Gabriel intends to infiltrate the conclave and hence needs to disguise himself as much as possible.
*****  Remember Grace's art materials!?
*****  From inventory show Grace the Voodoo Mask and ask her if she would do him a favour and paint a copy on his chest.  She is reluctant but agrees after some fabrications and unsolicited and unappreciated cracks from Gabriel!
*****  They go into Gabriel's bedroom and (in a comic-book type cut scene) paints his chest as requested!  [+ 5 points]
{ Total points to date = 234  }
Bayou St. John 1st visit.{ Max. points = 7  }
*****    Gabriel parks his motor bike on the dirt patch which provides a parking area for the bayou.
*****  From inventory he takes out his Tracing Device and uses it for guidance to the conclave.
*****  Follow the exits towards the entrance to the conclave - this is likely to take at least a half a dozen moves...  Gabriel is always at the centre of the vertical and horizontal crosshairs of the tracking device and the conclave is indicated by the white blip.  He has to go up/down or right/left at every move in order to approach the white blip.
*****  It should be straightforward to reach the entrance to the celebrations but it is a sort of minor maze and in case the  tracking device is not enough (which it certainly should be), here are the directions:-
     (i)  Click on the label 'Enter Bayou'.   
    (ii)  Click on the labels ' Exit to ? ' in order:- up;  right;  up;  down;  right;  up;  right; 
*****  At the entrance to the conclave the drums are now very loud.  Gabriel takes out his Crocodile Mask (from inventory) and covers his head with it - he also removes his shirt to expose his (copy of his) Snake Tattoo and takes off his shoes to complete his 'disguise'.
*****  Gabriel enters the conclave.  He is interrogated by Dr. John (aka 'Brother Eagle') who asks (aka 'B4other Crocodile) two vital questions - if he doesn't answer fairly quickly or wrongly... he's dead - but he can immediately try again.
*****  In case you don't remember, the correct (questions and) answers are:-
     (i)   Name the great serpent who crushes all in its coils? .... Damballah
     (ii)  Who is the destroyer of men? ....................................... Ogoun Badagris
*****  You now see a rather long nightmarish comic-book style cut scene of grotesque Voodoo practices.  Malia Gedde is very involved in the threatening activities!!!
*****  Gabriel passes out and the scene automatically shifts to Gabriel's bedroom in the St. George's Bookstore.  Gabriel is in bed in a deep nightmarish sleep. ,Grace wakes him up  and explains what has happened etc. It is the NEXT DAY[+ 4 points]
{ Total points to date = 241  }
Day 7.
Gabriel's Bedroom4th visit.{ Max. points = 3  }
*****  Gabriel phones uncle Wolfgang in Germany - see Gabriel's Bedroom 3rd visit' above if you don't remember the instructions for this.
*****  Exhaust all topics of conversation with Wolfgang. [+ 3 points]
{ Total points to date = 244  }
St. George's Book Store10th visit.{ Max. points = 1  }
*****  Read today's newspaper 24th June 1993.  [+ 1 point]
{ Total points to date = 245  }
St. Louis Cemetery 6th visit.{ Max. points = 10 }
*****  Walk forward and then to the right so that you are in front of the Gedde-Tomb.
*****  There is a switch to the left of the tomb's wall.  When examining it, it reveals a small marble plate and underneath it is an  accessible button.
*****  Press that button!
*****  Gabriel is now inside the tomb itself but it is pitch dark in there.  [+ 2 points] 
*****  From inventory take your Flashlight  and move it around so that you can see everything inside.  [+ 1 point]
 ****  In front of you are at least three groups of three drawers each, one on top of the other.
*****  Examine each drawer.
*****  Each one apparently has a memorial name plate and holds the remains of one of the previously deceased Gedde family.
*****  The drawer which is second from the top of the second group from the left has no name plate on it but instead simply an etching of the Vevé inscribed on it
*****  Open that drawer - Impossible... it's locked!
*****  Now look at the extreme left of the tomb - there are rows of skulls (an ossuary)... presumably those of Gedde ancestors, and mainly men - haha!!
*****  Examine a close-up of this ossuary and you can see five green gems in the eye sockets of some of the skulls. Press them one by one and they disappear!
*****  This is a puzzle but not too difficult a puzzle - howeverif any help is needed then see the following hints:-
    (i)    The  five gems have to be pressed BUT IN A SPECIFIC ORDER!!
    (ii)    A crude method of solving the problem ...............
................ There are 120 different permutations - i.e. the five clicks can be done in 120 different ways ( 'orders') and since each one has to be performed separately, this could take a very long and frustrating time!
    (iii)   However there is a MUCH better way!! ............... Look carefully at the third skull from the right on the bottom row.  It has a cross on its forehead.   
    (iv)   Remember how (some) religious  people 'cross themselves'.  So copy that order.
    (v)   SPOILER - The correct order to click on the five gems is:-  Top;  Bottom;  Left;  Right;  Middle.   [+ 2 points] 
*****  As the last (fifth) gem vanishes Gabriel exclaims "One of the drawers popped open".
*****  Try the abovementioned drawer again - the one with the etched Vevé - it is now unlocked.
*****  Open that drawer
*****  SHOCK!! Mosely is lying inside the drawer!!!
*****  Gabriel drops his flashlight in
consternation.  In the dark, somebody gives him a sharp blow to the head from behind and he
passes out for a short time.
*****  When he recovers there is nobody in the!  [+ 2 points] 
*****  Open the drawer again - Mosely is no longer there.  In his place is a man's wallet.
*****  Grab the Wallet - presumably Mosely's.  [+ 2 points]
*****  In inventory, open the Wallet and take his 'Americans Repressed' Credit Card[+ 1 point] 
*****  There is an orange-red coloured button on the far right wall of the tomb.
*****  Press it and Gabriel leaves the tomb.
*****  Exit the St. Louis Cemetery onto the map of the French Quarter.  From there, move to the St. George's Book Store.
{ Total points to date = 255  }
St. George's Book Store11th visit.{ Max. points = None  }
*****  Grace exhorts Gabriel to get out of town before it is too late.  She also tells you that  Wolfgang phoned whilst you were away -  He said that he found what he was searching for.  He said that Schloss Ritter belongs to Gabriel now!!
*****  Gabriel goes into his bedroom.
{ Total points to date = 255  }
Gabriel's Bedroom5th visit.{ Max. points = 5  }
***** Gabriel phones uncle 'Wolfie' again.  A woman answers the phone - he has gone away.
*****  Gabriel needs to book an immediate flight to Rittersberg, Germany.
*****  If you have serious troubles doing this, you can scan the following hints:-
     (i)    Do you remember the phone-book- page that Grace purloined for Gabriel a while ago?    
    (ii)    In inventory, examine that page.
   (ii)     Note the fourth name down in the left hand column - it is 'Canker  S', and the office is ' "C"  THE WORLD TRAVEL AGENCY '.
    (iv)    The phone number is 555-0133 .
    (iv)   Dial the number (See:- dialing procedure - previously).     
    (v)   Ascertain that the flight to Rittersberg costs $160'0 (?? in 1993??).
    (vi)  From inventory use Mosely's Credit Card and name to pay for the ticket - Gabriel remarks to himself that  'He won't be missing the cash??!!? ? [+ 5 points]
*****  Exit Gabriel's bedroom and the bookstore onto of the French Quarter.
*****  New Orleans International airport has just now appeared on the map of Greater New Orleans.
*****  Go there and ('automatically') fly to Schloss Ritter.
{ Total points to date = 260  }
Schloss  Ritter1st visit.{ Max. points = 10  }
*****  Gabriel is greeted by Gerde welcomes him and tells him that Wolfgang will not be returning and that he is in charge now.
*****  Talk to Gerde and exhaust all dialogues.
*****  Scrutinize the weapons on the far wall.
*****  Take the polished Dagger.  [+ 1 point]
 *****  Go upstairs and enter the bedroom.
*****  Take the Scissors[+ 1 point]
*****  From the display case take the Scroll[+ 1 point]
*****  In inventory, read the writing (rhyme) on the scroll.
*****  Read the German poem above the door.
*****  Leave the bedroom and return downstairs and then go into the chapel.
*****  Examine everything in the chapel including the magnificent stained glass window and the six square-slots (three each side).
*****  Return to the hall and talk again to Gerde.  Exhaust all dialogues and in particular learn as much as you can about the wall panels in the chapel and the initiation ceremony.  [+ 1 points]
*****  Return to the bedroom.
*****  Grab the chamber pot!!!  [+ 1 point]
*****  Go downstairs again and ask Gerde to translate the German poem above the bedroom door,
                              " Only the purest here may pass,
he whose heart is pure as glass,
he whose soul is pure as fire,
through this portal passes higher ".   [+ 1 point]
*****  Obtain the Salt from the table (with Gerde's permission).  [+ 1 point]
*****  Again enter the chapel.
*****  Listen to the descriptions of the six  panels - it seems that they are instructions for the initiation ceremony:-
      "The first panel shows hands and water".
      "The second panel shows hair and a knife".
      "The third panel shows a chalice on a table with ocean waves in the background".
      "The fourth panel shows a knife and a few drops of blood".
      "The fifth panel shows someone kneeling".
      "The sixth panel shows a scroll".
*****  Gabriel now has to perform the Schattenjäger initiation ceremony.  It consists of six stages which have been hinted at in the above six panels in the chapel,.  If any are unclear, the following hints should be helpful:-
     (i)      < PANEI 1 >  Go to the bedroom.  Open the window.  Get Gabriel to move aside a little.  Access the puddle -   " Outside the window there is a nice thick ledge where some rainwater has gathered into a puddle ".  Gabriel washes his hands in the water of the puddle.  [+ 1 point]
     (ii)    < PANEI 2 >  From inventory use the Scissors (in front of the mirror) to cut a lock of Gabriel's hair. [+ 1 point]
    (iii)    < PANEI 3 >  Go to the chapel. Take the Chamber Pot from inventory and place it on the altar.
From inventory shake the Salt into the chamber pot.
    (iv)    < PANEI 4 >  From inventory nick Gabriel's arm with the Dagger so that some drops of blood fall into the chamber pot.
    (v)     < PANEI 5 >   Get Gabriel; to kneel in front of the altar.
    (vi)    < PANEI 6 >  Whilst kneeling in front of the altar, from inventory read aloud from the scroll.
*****  Gabriel has performed the initiation ceremony completely successfully and is now a Schattenjäger - a new Shadow-Hunter!
*****  Gerde enters the chapel and tells Gabriel he looks exhausted and should go to bed
*****  Gabriel goes to bed and has hideous nightmares.  The main theme is that you will not be a REAL  Schattenjäger "Until you have earned it"!
{ Total points to date = 269  }
Day 8
Schloss  RitterContinuation!{ Max. points = 18  }
*****  Gabriel wakes up in bed in his bedroom - considerably worse for wear! [+ 5 points]
*****  On the table (at the foot of the huge bed) is a very heavy elaborate brass key - it is the one Gabriel saw in his 'dream'. *****  Take the library Key.   [+ 1 point]
*****  From inventory use the key to unlock the heavy wooden door beneath the German rhyme.
*****  Enter the library[+ 3 points]
 *****  Browse around and see the different sections of books.
*****  On the right wall is a 'muddled' shield.  You have to click on one square and then on another and they interchange positions.  The completed puzzle is shown in the graphic below!
*****  On completing the puzzle a secret passage opens up automatically. [+ 2 points]
  *****  Enter the passage - you are in the awesome Schattenjäger Trophy Room.
*****  There is only ONE thing you can do there...Read the book entitled 'People's Republic of Benin'. 
*****  So do that[+ 1 point]
*****  That Benin book leads to learning MORE about these esoteric subjects so return to the library.
*****  Go to the Sociology Section and access the book entitled 'The Primal Ones'.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Go to the History Section and access the book entitled 'Ancient Roots of Africa'. [+ 1 point]
*****  Go to the Religion Section and access the book entitled ' Sun Worshippers'.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Go to the archeology Section and access the book entitled 'Digs of Africa' ....................
*****  .................... Hold on to the Ancient Digs Of Africa book.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Talk to Gerde, BUT - DO  NOT  mention the Snake Mound or you will forfeit the next one point!
*****  Show the Ancient Digs Of Africa book to Gerde.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Get Gerde to arrange travel details (using Mosely's credit card again!!!)  [+ 1 point]
*****  Leave Schloss Ritter and fly to Africa and travel to the snake mound.
{ Total points to date = 287  }
Day 9
Snake Mound ­_ Outer Ring1st visit.{ Max. points = 13  }
*****  This is a fairly extended puzzle.  If it causes problems the following hints should be helpful:-
    (i)      The outer ring consists of a series of 12 'rooms' arranged in a circle.  For convenience  I call them rooms R-1 thro R-12.  The room where Gabriel enters the Mound is R-6 (See further on!).  Not far from centre-screen of every room is an open door with a screen-label on it marked  'Exit To Next Room'.  By entering this door Gabriel moves from R-1 to R-2 in a CLOCKWISE direction, then from R-2 to R-3 and so on.  Since the rooms are interconnected in a (never 'ending') circle, when in R-12, entering that door takes you onwards to R-1 again. Fairly near to the bottom of the screen in each room is a screen-label  'Exit To Previous Room' which does exactly the opposite and moves Gabriel 'backwards' through the numbered rooms in an anticlockwise direction.  In most of the 12 rooms EXCEPT TWO there are one or more square tiles with a different number of snakes etched on each one - the number of  snakes on each individual tile varies from 1 thro' 12 with the exception of the two numbers 7 and 12.  On the right hand wall of each of the 12 rooms is a square sunken area (square-slot) exactly the identical size of each of the aforementioned tiles and into which they fit.  10 of these square-slots are empty and 'awaiting' a suitable snake-numbered tile. But two of them are filled and 'untouchable' - in R-7 there is the permanent missing tile with 7 snakes etched on it, and in R-12 there is the permanent missing tile with 12 snakes etched on it.                                               
    (ii)     You have to collect ALL the 10 'free' (unattached) tiles and stick them into the appropriate 10 available free square-slots so that the tile with 1 snake only on it is chosen to go into R-1,   the tile with 2 snakes only is chosen to go into R-2,  and so on until you have the tile with 2 snakes only on it is chosen to go into R-2, etc, - you do not need to do ANYTHING with the tile that has 7 snakes  or 12 snakes on them; indeed you CANNOT do anything since they are fixed permanently in their 'correct' square-slots in R-7 and R-12 as outlined above.    
    (iii)    Move through all the rooms one after the other and pick up from the ground (into inventory) all the 10 'free' tiles.    Whilst you are doing this, you will see one single Snake Rod in one of the rooms - PICK IT UP as well.  [+ 1 point]
    (iv)    In inventory identify the different number of snakes ( 1 thro' 12 except 7 and 12)  etched on each of the ten tiles.  This may be a tad difficult with the higher numbers of snakes ( e.g. 10 and 11  ) since they are somewhat intertwined.  However there is no need to worry since all 10 tiles in inventory are clearly marked - e.g. '10 Snakes', '11 Snakes' etc. 
    (v)     Move around the rooms until you return to the room where you first entered the Snake Mound.  In case you miss it, it is the ONLY room which displays a screen-label 'Exit to Snake Mound' at the mid left side of the screen (and will not let you exit until you have finished everything you came to do there!).  If you are unsure that you are in the right room, go forward to the next (one) room and note that it has the 7 Snake tile embedded permanently in its square-slot.  Hence it is fairly safe to assume that that room is R-7 and therefore the room before it (the entry-room) is R-6.
   (vi)     From inventory, fix the 6 Snake Tile into the square-slot in R-6.  Then skip R-7 since there is nothing that can be d0one there. Then fix the 8 Snake Tile into the square-slot in R-8, the 9 Snake Tile into the square-slot in R-9,   and so on until R-11.  Again, as with R-7 as outlined above, skip R-12.  Then do the same for R-1 through R-5.
    (vii)    At this stage EVERY one of the 12 rooms has its square-slot filled with the tile of the same snake-number as the number of the room itself!!   [+ 2 points]
    (viii) VERY tile (now embedded in the walls) has a hole in its centre.  To trigger the next stage of the puzzle you must insert the Snake Rod from inventory into one specific hole only -  the eleven irrelevant holes simply produce Gabriel's negative remark... "Nothing happens". 
    (ix)  There are at least two clues earlier in the game as to choosing one ('correct') room out of the twelve possibilities - but they are quite abstruse (Remember the clock puzzle in Grandma's attic?) and it does not take long to simply use trial and error!
    (x)    The one and only active hole/room is number { anagram of 'ether' }
    (xi)  In the next sequence, dormant mummies come alive and ultra dangerous!.  When they get even just close to Gabriel, they kill him!!!  Hence you are obliged to make swift actions - you have to be FAST  but not impossibly so - the important thing is to know exactly what you have to do next in advance and never hesitate or change your mind or think even for some seconds only what to do next!!   You may have to practice the several actions more than once (getting killed and resurrected) before succeeding - but don't worry "If at first you don't succeed, try try try again" - it is not TOO difficult!!
SAVE HERE - You are likely to get killed (and more than once) but don't worry, you can get resurrected IMMEDIATELY!!
    (xii)   Insert the Snake Rod into the abovementioned 'special' hole  (in its correct room!)... "Oh'oh, I have a feeling that that did something!" - amongst other things it activates the very lethal mummies! .
NOTE:- You cannot make a Save until you have completed the following sequence (i.e. until completing [f] below_.    
       [a]  Immediately you regain control click on the open door ('Exit to Next Room').  This takes Gabriel from R-3 to R-4.
      [b]  Immediately you emerge from the door of R-4 click on the open door once again  ('Exit to Next Room') to R-5.
      [c]  Immediately you emerge from the door of R-5, make a RAPID SIDESTEP to the RIGHT to avoid the advancing mummy, then very quickly click on the open door yet again  ('Exit to Next Room') to R-6.
      [d]  As soon as he emerges into R-6 he is confronted by a mummy killer who blocks the entrance to the open door escape.  Quickly USE the VINE immediately in front of Gabriel and he will swing on it, knock out the vicious mummy and enter into R7.
      [e]  As soon as he emerges into R-7 he is surrounded by three mummies who intend to kill him.  UNEXPECTEDLY, uncle Wolfgang drops down from the roof and paralyzes the mummies allowing Gabriel to move FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY! Very quickly click on the open panel on the right wall and choose the bottom action i.e. to close it.
      [f]  Gabriel and Wolfgang escape through the open 'Hole' into the INNER RING of the Snake Mound.  The Hole/Mural immediately closes automatically behind them and seals R-7 and the murderous mummies safely behind them.  [+ 10 points]
{ Total points to date = 300  }
Snake Mound ­_ Inner Ring1st visit.{ Max. points = 13  }
*****  Gabriel and uncle Wolfgang together try to lift the very heavy lid - they can't move it, it is too heavy for them both!.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Gabriel and uncle Wolfgang together take the heavy bar from the wall and slot it into one horizontal hole in the top of the lid.  [+ 1 point]
*****  They repeat exactly the same with the other bar.  There are now two parallel bars threading the weighty lid.  [+ 1 point]
*****  Once again Gabriel and uncle Wolfgang together try to lift the very heavy lid - and still they can't move it, it is too heavy for them both!.
*****  Wolfgang tells Gabriel what he has to do to proceed. He has to cut out the heart of the lifeless body of the mummy on the floor - UGH!!! 
*****  Gabriel walks back to the left to the mummy.
*****  From inventory, Gabriel takes the Dagger and operates on the mummy.
*****  WATCH  THE  CUT  SCENE!!!
*****  Gabriel leaves the Snake Mound and Africa.  He returns to Germany and clears up some matters at Schloss Ritter including returning uncle Wolfgang's body.  He then returns to the USA, New Orleans and his bookstore.
{ Total points to date = 313  }
Day 10.
St. George's Book Store12th visit.{ Max. points = 2  }
*****  Ominous shock - Grace is not there and no signs of her!
*****  See a note on her table.
*****  Take the note and read it.  Grace has been kidnapped and Tetelo will kill Gabriel if he does not return the talisman.  Malia begs him to do so and escape somewhere away from New Orleans forever.  [+1 point]
*****  Read the newspaper for 28th June 1993. [+ 1 point]
 *****  Gabriel leaves the store and enters his bedroom.
{ Total points to date = 315  }    
Gabriel's Bedroom6th visit.{ Max. points = 2  }
*****  Happy surprise - Mosely's not dead after all but very much alive and lying low from the 'authorities'. 
*****  They fill each other in with missing activities and plan their respective next moves.
*****  Gabriel gives Mosely (BACK!!) the Tracking Device - he will plant the signal device. [+2 points]
*****  Mosely leaves and Gabriel exits his bedroom and the store onto the map of the French Quarter.
{ Total points to date = 317  } 
St. Louis Cathedral3rd visit. {Max. points = 3  }
*****  Enter  the confessional on the right and look around.
*****  There is a knothole at the end of the confessional.   From inventory insert the Snake Rod into the knothole.
*****  It transpires that this combination is a cunningly camouflaged operating button and the conventional is an elevator which takes Gabriel down to the elaborate Hounfour built and hidden underground.  [+3 points]
{ Total points to de = 320  }
Voodoo Hounfour  ­_ Outer Ring1st visit. {Max. points = 17  }
  The rest of this long last day takes place in the amazing Hounfour built beneath Jackson Square.  The design is based on that of the (previously visited) Snake Mound in Africa (Benin) with an outer and inner ring/circle.  The outer ring has 12 rooms marked with the signs of numbers of snakes running CONSECUTIVELY from 1 thro' 12 in a CLOCKWISE direction as were the rooms in the actual Snake Mound.  These rooms are ALL situated on the left side of the circle  (i.e. its outer circumference) FACING OUTWARDS.  Directly opposite every alternate ODD NUMBERED one of these outwardly facing rooms but on the RIGHT hand (i.e. inside) of the circular hallway is a room facing INWARDS (6 in all) - these inner rooms  ALL lead into the single central  inner circle/ring ceremonial room similar to the spokes connecting the rim of a bicycle wheel to its central hub!
The room where you enter the outer ring of the hounfour from the elevator has a sign on it with SIX snakes on it, the next one 'up' with seven snakes, the next with eight, and so on. After the room with twelve snakes the next one up is the room with ONE snake, then two, and three, etc. until the never ending circle/ring is completed with five snakes.
The 'geography' of the Voodoo Hounfour rooms:-
         6 Snakes ........... ELEVATOR  ROOM  (Foyer)
            7  Snakes ........... SUPPLY  ROOM
    8-Snakes ............. Locked room
    9-Snakes ............. Empty bedroom.
            10 Snakes ........... RITUAL  ANIMALS  ROOM
    11-Snakes ........... Locked room.
    12-Snakes ........... Empty bedroom.   
    1-Snake .............. Locked room.
            2 Snakes ........... MALIA's  ROOM
            3 Snakes ........... Dr. JOHN's  ROOM
            4 Snakes ........... BUSINESS  ROOM
    5-Snakes ...........   A secondary business room.
*****  Gabriel enters the 7-Snakes room.
*****  Grab two Robes.
*****  Take the Wolf Mask for Gabriel and the Boar Mask for Mosely.  [+ 2 points]
*****  In inventory combine the two Masks with the two Robes creating a Boar Disguise and a Wolf Disguise.
*****  Gabriel exits the room.
*****  Enter the 2-snakes room.
*****  Malia enters and Gabriel immediately hides so that she can't see or hear him.
*****  Malia summons up her evil Voodoo spirit Tetelo and implores her to release Gabriel from harm but Tetelo refuses.  Malia leaves the room and Gabriel exits.
*****  Enter the 3-snakes room.
*****  See Dr. John 'praying' at a Voodoo Altar with his back to Gabriel.
*****  There is a keycard hanging on the wall at the FAR end of the room.  You can take it but at this stage of the game Gabriel will be killed by Dr. John.  There is no problem about being resurrected straight away but certainly if you repeat this a few times you will achieve nothing but merely
eventually be forced to give it up - until later!!
*****  Enter the 4-snakes room.  It is a sophisticated business office.
*****  On the right hand front desk is an inbox.
*****  Look at it and take the black Record Book from, the inbox.  [+ 2 points]
*****  It is a detailed business and personnel book/record of the Gedde tribe, and Mosely will probably need this to submit to the FBI. (and a bit to the right
 *****  Enter the 10-snakes room.
*****  There doesn't seem to be anything to do in here - and the animal smell is nauseating!  So get out of the room.
*****  Enter the 5-snakes room - second business room.  Nothing to do here so exit.
*****  Gabriel enters the 6-snakes room and goes through to the elevator.
*****  Use the keypad to return (temporarily) to the confessional in St. Louis Cathedral.
*****  From inventory, hide the Snake Rod and the Signal Device in the Kneeler for Mosely a bit later on. [+ 2 points]
*****  Try to exit the confessional... "I think I've got everything I need.  Might as well see it through!". Gabriel states - he returns down to the Hounfour.
*****  From the hallway, proceed once clockwise and enter the archway on the right to the INNER  RING!
****  Examine everything inside this circular chamber/room.
*****  Gabriel goes to the drums on the RIGHT to send a 'message'. SAVE HERE - You MAY get killed -  but don't worry, you can get resurrected STRAIGHT AWAY!!
*****  The objective is to get Dr. John out of his room so as to enter it before he returns!  You have to choose  a short route and move reasonably quickly in order not to bump into him and get killed!
*****  The choice is displayed in the form of four pages of drum-beat symbols accessed using curved arrows clockwise and anticlockwise at the bottom right and left.
*****  Get Gabriel to play on the drums.
*****  Go to page 3 and choose the top symbol - then to page 4 and choose the second symbol (down from the top) -  "Summon Brother Eagle". 
*****  Click on 'PLAY'... Gabriel says " OK! I'll give it a shot, but I'm no musician"!
*****  Gabriel drums this message - 'A door opens in the distance'.
***** After he drums the message, immediately leave from the exit just a little below the drums.
***** As soon as Gabriel reaches the hallway, move anticlockwise TWICE and enter Dr. John's room. [+ 5 points]
*****  IMMEDIATELY grab the Keycard from the far side of the room and get out QUICKLY. [+ 2 points]
*****  Rapidly move out of Dr. John's grasp, say, move  once anticlockwise! 
*****  Gabriel now has to go to the three locked doors.  YOU  MUST  MAKE  SNAKE-ROOM 8  THE  LAST  OF  THE  THREE  OR  YOU  WILL  NOT  OBTAIN  FULL  POINTS!
*****  Go to the 1-Snake room which is locked.
*****  From inventory use the Keycard on the keypad of its door to unlock it...  Enter[+ 1 point]
*****  It is the Treasury and Gabriel helps himself to 'A shameful amount' of dollar bills - the gold is too heavy!!!  [+ 1 point]
*****  Exit the Treasury.
*****  Go to the 11-Snake room which is locked.
*****  From inventory use the Keycard on the keypad of its door to unlock it...  Enter[+ 1 point]
*****  It is the Surgery.  It is full of corpses and bottled human hearts.  Gabriel is sickened and does nothing in "This butcher's shop".
*****  FINALLY approach the 8-Snake room which is locked.
*****  From inventory use the Keycard on the keypad of its door to unlock it...  Enter[+ 1 point]
{ Total points to de = 337  }
Voodoo Hounfour  ­_ Inner Ring1st visit. {Max. points = ?  }
*****   Grace is lying in bed mesmerized and can't wake up.
*****  Mosely enters the room.
*****  From inventory use the Talisman on Grace and it 'wakes her up'!
*****  The trio make tentative plans.
*****  Take the Bear Mask from inventory and put it on Mosely - automatically the Wolf Mask is fitted onto Gabriel. [+ 2 points]   
*****  Dr. John enters and commands 'Brother Boar' and 'Brother Wolf' to go to the ritual in the inner circle IMMEDIATELY... which they do.
            The vast majority of the remainder of the game takes place by non-interactive cut scenes.  When each of the four interactive interludes occurs you must pretty quickly ACT and act 'correctly' or you will be killed and thrown back to the forced save moment when the two animal disguises were donned!
*****  Brother Eagle (aka Dr. John) carries the faked-unconscious Grace into the round ritual hall and lays her on the circular ceremonial sacrificial table.
*****  Malia enters completely possessed by the supernatural Tetelo.  The drums beat loudly, the ceremony proceeds, the participants work themselves into a frenzy!  Tetelo lifts her knife about to slaughter Grace with it ....................
*****  .................... Gabriel yells at Tetelo "Tetelo Stop!!  I won't let you kill her!!!" you TEMOPORARILY regain control i.e. INTERACTIVE MODE for a short time!.
*****  Rapidly obtain the Talisman from inventory and apply it onto Malia/Tetelo who will rant raucously!  The top (lid) of the circular ceremonial table rises revealing the GEDDE IDOL  which was underneath (It is not very easy to distinguish!) and Malia/Tetelo moves from the side of the table to its front.  [+ 5 points]
****  Mosely neutralizes Dr. John and moves to protect Grace.
*****  Once again  you TEMOPORARILY regain control - i.e.  INTERACTIVE MODE for a short time!.
*****  Gabriel has to get his talisman to Mosely but Malia/Tetelo is blocking the path but you can throw it over her head for Mosely to catch.
*****  YOU ALREADY HAVE the Talisman from inventory so quickly apply it onto Mosely. [+ 3 points]
*****  Mosely catches the Talisman.
*****  Gabriel shouts to Mosely to escape with Grace.
*****  Exeunt Mosely and Grace. Gabriel is now unprotected since Mosely has taken away the talisman with him!!
 *****  Malia/Tetelo starts to throttle Gabriel.
*****  Yet again  you TEMOPORARILY regain control - i.e.  INTERACTIVE MODE for a short time!.
*****  Immediately grab the Gedde Idol - and smash it!
*****  The whole ceremonial inner ring collapses and presumably kills all the baddies!
*****  Gabriel is left OK and Malia is left hanging from the edge of the ruined floor (Bottom- middle of the screen) points]
*****  There are now TWO substantial ENDINGS to the game:-
               PARTIAL... Leave Malia to her fate:-
                  Both Malia and Gabriel perish.
                     Mosely and Grace mourn Gabriel and praise his memo0ry.
{ Total points to de = 352  }
               FULL... Grab Malia's hand and try to pull her up and  save her!!!:   [+ 10 points]
                 SEE  WHAT  TRANSPIRES  and the final ending!
{ FULL - Total points to de = 362 }
             If you would like to query anything, comment, correct ANY errors, add anything, criticize, etc.,
                        PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO EMAIL ME! (Address at the top).
Cheers ............ Len Green.
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