Tokyo Dark Brings a Japanese Urban Legend to Light
Tokyo Dark Brings a Japanese Urban Legend to Light
From indie developer Cherrymochi, an anime-style adventure that features a mash-up of western point-and-click adventure and action sidescroller elements as well as survival horror and Japanese visual novel mechanics
Posted: 03/21/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Cherrymochi | Platform: Mac, Windows

A Japanese urban legend tells of a mysterious door deep below the city of Tokyo. It is said that all who pass through this door are lost forever. Could it possibly be real?

Step into the shoes of Itō, a Tokyo Detective whose partner has gone missing. As she investigates, the case soon escalates into twisted nightmare in which Itō will confront her past, explore the boundary between life and death, and even question her own sanity.

Experience a deep and branching narrative in which you'll explore tunnels and sewers beneath present-day Tokyo and discover a paranormal conspiracy lurking in the depths. Follow clues and solve puzzles. Make difficult decisions and ethical choices that will change both you and the manner in which others relate to you.

Discover that your actions can have serious consequences. You'll have a sidearm, but you must take great care concerning when and where to use it. 

Tokyo Dark incorporates some of Tokyo's true human horrors: suicide, child idols, institutionalized sexism and increasing nationalism. You'll venture into shadows, violence, lies and paranoia.

The game was accepted by Square Enix Collective and in February became one of its highest rated games at 94% community support. It's already been Greenlit, and a crowdfunding campaign may be in its future.

Tokyo Dark will be released in 2016 for PC and Mac.

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