Goetia Kickstarter Video, Gamplay and Teaser Trailers, Demo, Info
Goetia Kickstarter Video, Gamplay and Teaser Trailers, Demo, Info
In this point-and-click mystery adventure from indie developer Sushee and publisher Ynnis Interactive, become a ghost risen from the grave to search for the truth behind a 40-year-old tragedy
Posted: 02/04/15 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Sushee | Publisher: Ynnis Interactive | Platform: Linux, Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh

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Download the demo in English (Windows / Mac / Linux) or French (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Step into the role of a young girl who, after 40 years, is brought back from the dead in spectral form to solve a mystery.

The town of Oakmarsh -- once a quiet village near Coventry -- is now abandoned and in ruins, a silent testament to its final moments. And lying beyond is the mad, perverted Blackwood Manor, once home to a family whose last members devoted their lives to mysticism and fanatical experiments. It's a place of terrible secrets.

In life, your name was Abigail Blackwood. You know nothing about the last 40 years of your family's history. Someone or something has returned your spirit to this place to discover what, exactly, happened in Oakmarsh, and what led to the terrible downfall of Blackwood Manor. Apparently, you have no choice in this matter.

Goetia will offer a 2D world of Victorian mystery. Explore over 90 rooms within the manor, along with the surrounding woods, caves and ruins. You'll be free to travel through the world of Goetia however you choose.

Pass through solid walls and ceilings unless you're carrying something you've picked up. There's no inventory, however, so as soon as you use the object that ability will return. Discover hidden rooms and features that will enable you to solve puzzles in more than one way. Learn the full story of Blackwood Manor; much has happened in the 40 years since your death.

The game's music will combine ambient and folk music with elements of progressive rock. Oh, yeah.

Goetia has the backing of Square Enix Collective and has received the 2014 European Indie Game Days Artistic Coherence Award as well as the support of the French CNC in January 2015.

Sushee is looking to release the game for PC, Mac and Linux in October 2015. The Kickstarter campaign will run until February 20, 2015; 55% of the $30,000 goal has already been raised. Please consider backing Goetia.

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