Asylum Videos, Screens, Info; Senscape Announces New Horror Project
Asylum Videos, Screens, Info; Senscape Announces New Horror Project
After five years in production, Senscape is sending Asylum into Alpha as another horror project temporarily called Unspeakable Adventure crawls into view
Posted: 08/15/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Senscape | Platform:

After five years in production along with a successful Kickstarter campaign, Senscape’s highly anticipated supernatural horror adventure Asylum has hit alpha. Following a migration to the Unity engine, the game has gained remarkable new features such as striking weather effects and a completely revised interface.

The massive Hanwell Mental Institute comes to life thanks to eerie time-of-day transitions, sinister storms, punishing rains and hideous fog, promising hours of damnable fun and unutterable terrors in one of the largest virtual buildings ever conceived for a video game.

Players will take a chilling journey through the intricate floors of the Institute, where unimaginable atrocities have taken place in the past.

Asylum's release date remains unconfirmed, but Senscape is confident players will not have much longer to wait before diving into these nether gulfs of nightmare.

Meanwhile, Senscape is working on a new horror game. Temporarily dubbed #UnspeakableAdventure, the new project will debut on Kickstarter next October.

Agustín Cordes, founder of Senscape: "It’s the most shocking horror game news this year. You won’t believe it."

Note: The Asylum screenshots on this page originally appeared on the old JA site.

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