Nosebound - Screens, Info
Nosebound - Screens, Info
Play an old detective with no patience...more than one old friend in trouble...and a dark mystery that will blow your mind in this episodic noir thriller from indie developer Buenos Aires Quarantine for PC/Mac
Posted: 05/21/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Buenos Aires Quarantine | Platform: Windows, Mac

Nosebound is a combination of enigmatic puzzles, dramatic action, deception, noire ambiance and a really strange foe.

Buenos Aires Quarantine's long-term objective is to create a downloadable game split into episodes. The plan is for each episode to end with a hook while being as self-contained as possible. The first two episodes should be released soon; five full-length episodes are planned.

In the initial episodes, play as Ray Hammond: a private eye with a gritty past and unorthodox methods.

The phone rings, you equip yourself with the basic detective gear and off you go. You start an investigation, interrogate contacts, snoop around and follow clues. As soon as you poke your nose in deep enough, big troubles begin. Troubles you may solve with your wits or your guns.

You will also play Hammond's old friend George Smithers (aka Smithy), who has disappeared; and Mrs. Kovacks, a femme fatale that's essential to every noir story.

Key Features
~Melee Combat/Gunfights (these go with autosaves and only at the end of each episode to emphasize the story's drama
~Items to pick up
~Black & white filters, film noise, scratches
~Dialog with options
~NPCs (non-playable characters)
~Adult content (low violence, adult language, slight nudity)
~Puzzle mechanisms
~Players with special abilities (Episode 2)
~Ladder-climbing lock-picking, window-breaking and other fun activities
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